Dumbasses for Thursday, July 18th

Jerry Foxhaven is known as the director of the Iowa Department of Human Services. The 66-year-old Foxhaven is also known as a fan of rapper Tupac Shakur and hosted weekly ‘Tupac Fridays,’ where he played his music in the office. On his 65th birthday he brought in Tupac-themed cookies, some decorated with the phrase ‘thug life.’ Foxhaven also shared one of Tupac’s lyrics about love on Valentine’s Day, and used his image in what he said was an effort to improve the agency’s culture. However, one agency employee didn’t share Foxhaven’s love for Tupac and complained to a state lawmaker. That’s put an end to ‘Tupac Fridays’ at the office as Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds asked Foxhaven to resign last month, just one day after he sent a mass email instructing employees to mark Tupac’s birthday by listening to one of his songs.


An unnamed 64-year-old New Jersey woman got her SUV washed twice on Tuesday morning. After taking her vehicle to a car wash, the woman is seen on surveillance video driving away from the facility and directly into the Hackensack River. The woman later said she hit the gas instead of the brake after she and her daughter made it safely back to shore. (See here)


Former Georgia State Trooper Mitch Brown was in Daytona Beach on Monday night when he saw John Bloodsworth toss his 5-year-old son off the Main Street Pier into the Atlantic Ocean. After watching Bloodsworth repeatedly toss they boy into the water and then swim past his struggling son, Brown confronted him. Brown brought Bloodsworth to a Daytona Beach police officer, who later arrested him and it was noted Bloodsworth was clearly intoxicated and his son was visibly upset and crying. Bloodsworth is now facing child abuse and disorderly intoxication charges and reportedly said he was “going to jail for being awesome.”


Some people in Brigham City, Utah became alarmed this week when they saw a boy running what appeared to be a lemonade stand. However, what really had them upset was that the kid was holding a sign reading, ‘Beer for Sale.’ Police were called, but officers discovered that people hadn’t read the fine print. Thos people may have been relieved or disappointed to find out that in small letters above the word ‘Beer’ was the word ‘root.’ The marketing ploy paid off as a Facebook post from the Brigham City PD noted his business has been good. (See here)


A sculpture of the red-and-black gloved hands of Spider-Man shooting a web was recently installed near the Lincoln, Nebraska Children’s Zoo as part of the “Serving Hands Lincoln” public art project. However, not everyone was happy about it. One unnamed woman got her Spidey panties in a bunch and emailed Mayor Leirion Gaylor Baird saying, “It is a sculpture of two hands open, painted Red & Black, and formed into Devil Horns.” The woman called the art anti-Christian, demonic, and completely inappropriate for showcase near a family attraction and demanded its removal, calling it ugly, perverse and a “hate crime against the church.” For the record, the mayor said the sculpture will remain in place. (See here)


After Bell, Florida’s Alex Bonilla caught neighbor Tomas Martinez-Gomez boinking his wife, he didn’t get mad – he got even. On Sunday, Alex broke into Tomas’ house, tied him up at gunpoint and then cut it off with a pair of scissors before fleeing the scene with the severed appendage. Alex was later arrested and Tomas was hospitalized, although it’s not known if he was reunited with the severed portion of his anatomy.