Couple caught romping in woods while smeared in bird blood were part of bizarre fertility ritual, claims woman who found them


A four-year-old dog sniffed out the daylight sex romp in Hawksworth Woods in Leeds – which is regularly visited by children, dog walkers and runners
By Jon Lockett – The Sun

A COUPLE caught having sex in the woods while smeared in blood surrounded by a circle of chanting women were taking part in a bizarre fertility ceremony, it’s claimed.

A four-year-old dog sniffed out the daylight sex romp in Hawksworth Woods in Leeds – which is popular with families, dog walkers and runners.

A group of three or four onlookers, dressed in matching cream tunics and swimming cap style headgear were chanting in a foreign language as the couple had sex on a plastic sheeting, at noon, on Friday.

Kye was being walked by his owner, 42-year-old mum who asked not to be named, on playing fields beside the woods when he ran through a gap in a couple of fence posts into the woodland.

She said: “Kye disappeared and I heard what I thought was shouting and swearing from the woods.

“I went into the woods to grab him and I saw two people completely naked on a white plastic sheet.

“The woman was laid down flat on her back with her arms and legs out like a snow angel and with her eyes shut.

“The man was knelt between her legs, praying and chanting. They then began to have sexual intercourse.”

A dead black crow-like bird was beside the pair and the man daubed some of the bird’s blood into the woman’s forehead.

Kye’s owner grabbed her dog and left the wood and immediately telephoned her friend to come and help her.

The two friends quickly decided to visit nearby Hawksworth Primary School, because they were concerned children leaving after lessons could stumble upon the sex group.

Locals were amazed at the brazen antics in the woodland regularly used for cross country runs from the nearby secondary school and as a playground for younger children.

The fertility ritual was taking place just 20 yards into the wood on Cragside Walk, just 100 yards from a children’s playground and on the same street as Hawksworth Primary School.

A West Yorkshire Police spokesperson said: “Police received a report of public indecency at Hawksworth Wood Trail on Friday afternoon. Police stepped up patrols in the area.”