City plans on fixing signals to ‘dangerous’ Midtown intersection


MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Drivers call one Midtown intersection busy and dangerous, and the city now plans on doing something about it.

“Busy with a lot of cars and a lot of people too,” said driver Shana Odie.

“People are always speeding through here. They’re always flying through here,” chimed in driver Theo Craft.

They’re talking about the intersection at Poplar and Cleveland.

“Not only human foot traffic, but this is a major thoroughfare,” said driver Lauren Green.

It’s wedged between Kroger, Walgreens and a gas station. It’s just feet from a couple of schools and not far from Crosstown and several neighborhoods.

“We are moving to this part of town and we have noticed there have been a lot of accidents,” said Green.

WREG discovered just how many car accidents there have been.

Police report 114 in the past two years, and 28 of those happened in the last six months.

WREG found out nearly a third of the crashes were hit and runs and about 20 percent of the crashes caused injuries.

Drivers said one problem: there are no left turn arrows.

“I think it’s worth of the city taking a look,” said Green.

That’s the good news: city officials said they heard the concerns and received requests for those left turn signals.

“We have prepared design plans for traffic signal modifications at this intersection and this project is in our current line of planned construction projects. We estimate to complete this project by the end of the calendar year,” said city spokeswoman Arlenia Cole.

Drivers hope those changes happen sooner than later.

“Pretty sure there’s going to be a bad wreck,” said Odie.