City Official Caught Driving at over 100 Mph, Says He Had Diarrhea

By Tony Vega

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Charges have been filed against a city council member in Kagoshima prefecture who is saying his reason for driving at more than double the speed limit was a bad case of intestinal distress.

According to court documents from October 29 which Japanese outlets began reporting on this week, on April 9 Masataka Hirai, a 28-year-old city council member from the city of Shibushi in Kagoshima prefecture, was observed by a monitoring system violating the 80 kph (49.7 mph) speed limit by traveling 169 kph (105 mph) on a highway while on his way to Oita prefecture.

Hirai, who was elected into his position earlier this year, has admitted to the allegations and has even spoken to Japanese media outlets in order to explain his actions.

When questioned by the Asahi Newspaper, Hirai reportedly said “I had diarrhea, so I was in a hurry to get to a bathroom. I regret my actions and I will drive safely in the future.”

In response to questioning on Decwber 5 by Yomiuri, Hirai reportedly said “I was on my way to Oita when my stomach started hurting and so I hurried because I wanted to go to the bathroom. I will abide by traffic rules in the future.”

Whether Hirai managed to make it to a toilet in time remains unknown, however, what is for sure is that this silly story has catapulted Hirai into the spotlight as the young politician whose need to use the toilet got him in trouble with the law.