Cheese festival organizers apologize for running out of cheese


By Ben Hooper

March 5 (UPI) — Organizers of the Big Cheese Festival in England apologized to attendees after running out of a key ingredient for the celebration — cheese.

The organizers were inundated with complaints on social media after the Saturday event unexpectedly ran out of cheese, despite promising “a plethora of the finest international cheesemakers and mongers showcasing their amazing cheeses.”

The festival was also billed as including “range of bars serving craft beers, liquor and wine, plus live comedy, local bands & cheesy DJs performing a selection of jazz, funk & R n Brie.”

Organizers said in a Facebook post on Sunday that the weather prevented some cheese vendors, as well as some of the performers, from attending.

“After reading through some of the comments on social media, we are just as disappointed as yourselves that the event was disrupted by the adverse weather conditions,” the Facebook post said. “We have carried out many successful events previously and we have never been in this situation before. We take great pride in what we do and we take the opinions of our customers very seriously.”

The organizers said they are taking measures including offering 50 percent off admission to next year’s festival for anyone who bought a ticket to Saturday’s event.