‘Massively Overweight’ Pig, Fed Cookies & Donuts By Owner, Seeks New Home

Amy has been at MSPCA’s Nevins Farm in Methuen since Sept. 27. Her Franklin owners bought the 2-year-old potbelly in 2016 and thought they were getting a “mini pig.”

 But Amy grew and grew to the point where they could no longer keep her and had to surrender the pig to the farm.

The MSPCA says Amy’s owners fed her everything from meat and vegetables to cookies and donuts.

amy pig lose weight Massively Overweight Pig, Fed Cookies & Donuts By Owner, Seeks New Home

Amy the potbelly pig is looking for a new home. (Photo credit: MSPCA-Angell)

“She got tremendously fat because she was fed too much of the wrong foods and was given no opportunity to exercise or express normal pig behaviors such as rooting and wallowing,” said Ellie Monteith, who manages the farm animal program at Nevins, in a statement. “She was at least 100 lbs. overweight when we got her and was easily one of the fattest pigs I had ever seen in my life.”

The MSPCA says Amy is depressed due to her size and refused to move for days. She’s now on a strict diet and does “piggy aerobics,” which involves walking the length of the barn several times during the day.

So far, Amy has lost about 20 pounds since arriving at the farm and the hope is she’ll lose up to 80 more. The MSPCA is seeking an “educated” owner who can offertheir home and yard to Amy for the holiday season.

The farm has taken in 96 homeless pigs over the last five years thanks to the “mini pig” fad.

“We cannot stress this enough: if someone tells you they’re selling ‘mini pigs’ who will stay small for their entire lives, they are not telling the truth,” Monteith said.