Last Star In The Universe

Since the dawn of time, we humans have been thinking two things: Has the universe been around forever, or did it have a beginning and will it eventually cease to exist?

Kurzgesagt ponders what will hypothetically happen when the last star finally burns out in the universe in this clip.

Historical MYTHS You (may) Still Believe!

As they say, the victors write history. As a result, countless historical ‘facts’ that many people believe are completely untrue. Thomas Edison created the light bulb, right? Well not really. Napoleon was extremely short, right? Wrong.

Matthew Santoro explains.

The Orangutan and the Magic Trick

Dan Zaleski was at the zoo at the primate exhibit when he decided to show a curious orangutan a very simple magic trick. Any adult can easily see that he drops the ball from the cup quickly to make it ‘disappear’ but the orangutan obviously missed that. To him, it was simply magic and his reaction is priceless

This Is Adele Impersonating Adele

(Newser) – If you’ve ever wondered what Adele would sound like if she were impersonating an Adele impersonator, the answer is now clear: She’d sound like Adele. That weirdness is courtesy of a stunt she pulled with the BBC—the video is here—in which she donned a fake nose and chin, then took part in an Adele contest. There was no disguising that voice, however. Entertainment Weekly is charmed and calls it the “prank of the year.”