Why You Shouldn’t Say ‘Happy Memorial Day’

Many of you are enjoying a day off work today because it’s Memorial Day, but if you’re planning a sharing a “Happy Memorial Day” post on Facebook you should probably press delete.

That’s because Memorial Day is not a day of celebration like many of our other holidays, but rather a somber day for us to remember and honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice and lost their lives fighting for our country. President Obama reinforced this during his weekly address over the weekend, where he asked Americans to take some time to remember the fallen. “So this Memorial weekend, I hope you’ll join me in acts of remembrance. Lay a flower or plant a flag at a fallen hero’s final resting place. Reach out to a Gold Star Family in your community, and listen to the story they have to tell. Send a care package to our troops overseas, volunteer to make a wounded warrior’s day a little easier, or hire a veteran who is ready and willing to serve at home just as they did abroad. Or just pause, take a moment, and offer a silent word of prayer or a public word of thanks.”

On Memorial Day, President Obama will visit Arlington National Cemetery where he will lay a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. He will also host a breakfast for military and veteran service groups.
So skip saying “Happy Memorial Day” and save the celebrating for Veterans Day, the national holiday set aside to celebrate the service of all United States military veterans.