Pranking Criminals With A Bait Smartphone With An Electrical Shocker Built In

Ever see the law enforcement reality show Bait Car? To catch would be car jackers, cops will often leave a car in a bad area with the keys in it. Of course, the bait car is fully connected to authorities who can track the criminal and even turn it off and lock the bad guys in remotely. Comedian Tom Mabe was seemingly inspired by the bait car to try out a bait smartphone. Except the fake phone was connected to a shocker that Tom could discharge remotely. The results are pure awesomeness.

Bill Nye Bets Weatherman $20,000 The World Is Warming, Not Cooling

In case you missed it, bodybuilder and meteorologist Joe Bastardi challenged one of the Internet’s favorite personalities, Bill Nye The Science Guy, to prove there is a connection to carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and global climate.

Bill Nye answered the challenge with a bet of $20,000 that he’s right and Joe is wrong. Will Joe accept? Apparently no.

How A Modern TV Show Is Made

TV is such a part of most people’s lives that we all take it for granted. But for every heart racing episode of Game of Thrones or Doctor Who there countless people who needed besides the actors to put the magic on the screen.

So how is a TV show made today? Vox explains in this eye-opening video.

Flying On A Flyboard

Since the dawn of humanity, man has looked up enviously at the birds flying in the sky. Sure, today airplanes are commonplace and boring, but it isn’t the same as flying like free in the air like a bird.

But the closest thing just might be here. Introducing the Flyboard® by ZR.

Wes : NOT created by Osborn Industries. Let me know if you get the reference. 🙂