Passerby Records The Two Dumbest Mall Robbers Ever

What would you do if you saw two masked men ride a motorcycle into the mall and then break into a store demanding goods? Most of us would run away and call the police. Not this guy. Instead, he brazenly recorded two robbers when he saw that exact scene unfold at a mall in Sweden. Soon it becomes apparent that these two fools were not that prepared to pull off their robbery.

Designer Creates a Scientifically Accurate Line of Dinosaur Toys

by Shaunacy Ferro, Mental Floss

Over the last few years, how we think about dinosaurs has changed radically. While Jurassic Park may not have gotten the memo, scientists now know that dinosaurs are closely related to modern birds, and in contrast to the scaly reptiles of cinema, they probably were covered in feathers. Unfortunately, dinosaur toy makers haven’t updated their wares to keep up with advances in scientific research.

Lest a new generation of kids grow up with skewed views of dinosaur anatomy, toy designer David Silva wants to create a line of dino action figures that hew more closely to our updated understanding of prehistoric fauna. He’s creating Beasts of the Mesozoic, a line of scientifically accurate dinosaur toys. So far, it includes models of the dinosaur genera Velociraptor, Atrociraptor, and Tsaagan, each with realistic details and moveable joints. The campaign is already fully funded on Kickstarter, where each figurine costs $35.

Silva expects to ship the toys in March 2017, and if all goes well, he’ll be adding new species to the line in the future.