Why Are Teens So Moody?

Any parent who has dealt with the teen years will tell you it’s maddening at times. They can change from goofy to infuriating to sweet to comatose in a matter of seconds. It doesn’t make sense until you see what’s going on inside. Even after their bodies mature, the brain structure and chemistry continue to change. That makes teenagers unique among age groups. Maybe a little understanding can lead to greater patience in the struggle between not-quite-adults and their parents. Also, the comments under this video are hilarious.

“Teens are very phisycally healthy” Me, a 15 year old female: reaches for another bag of doritos

8 moody teens have already disliked this

I’m a teenager, and this video isn’t accurate at all. You suck, I hate everyone. Grr.

Why are teens so moody? Because we’re put under incredible stress every single day and forced to make impossible choices that will affect the rest of our lives. Also, hormones.

Astronaut ice cream is a lie

If you’ve ever gone to a science museum as a kid, you’ve most likely seen so called astronaut ice cream available for purchase at the gift shop. Besides for the cool factor, nearly everyone can agree that the stuff is chalky and nasty.

But the reality is, it’s all a lie, explains Vox. There never was astronaut ice cream.