This Is Adele Impersonating Adele

(Newser) – If you’ve ever wondered what Adele would sound like if she were impersonating an Adele impersonator, the answer is now clear: She’d sound like Adele. That weirdness is courtesy of a stunt she pulled with the BBC—the video is here—in which she donned a fake nose and chin, then took part in an Adele contest. There was no disguising that voice, however. Entertainment Weekly is charmed and calls it the “prank of the year.”


When Equality And Social Justice Goes Too Far In School (a parody)

Equality is a very important issue, but some people today sadly seem to think it means that their feelings trump the rights others. This is especially evident in the protests that have been taking place on college campuses, such as at Yale. After being asked to reflect on inappropriate costumes for Halloween, some students are asking for Professor Nicholas Christakis to be fired for daring to hurt their feelings and for not maintaining their ‘safe space.’

Australian comedian Neel Kolhatkar parodies this concept when social justice and equality goes way, way too far in this latest viral sketch in which all students grades are averaged together to ‘be fair’ and their grade is lowered based on their privilege.

Ferrari Fail

An unnamed man recently took delivery of a $1.5 million Ferrari from a dealership in Budapest, Hungary. As the proud owner pulled onto a busy street, everything was going well. However, when a lane opened up, our friend punched the gas, and promptly lost control of the 950-horsepower vehicle, causing it to fishtail and careen into parked cars. The Ferrari sustained serious damage but luckily, a fellow motorist caught the whole thing on video.