Teens Struggle To Use An Older PC Running Windows 95

Today, most of us take our modern smooth running computer operating systems for granted. But back in 1995, Windows was still in its infancy. Windows 95 truly changed the game with the Start button and many other aspects of Windows that we still use today. But can today’s teens who are surrounded by technology wrap their heads around Windows 95? The Fine Brothers found out in this awkward video.

Fake Cursing In The Movies

For a number of reasons, many movies choose to refrain from dropping any curse words that would give them anything above a PG rating. But cussing is just so much fun! So instead, many will invent fake curses that are simply hilarious.

As Burger Fiction says, “When you wanna keep it PG, you gotta get creative.” They put together this awesome compilation of PG ‘cussing’ in the movies.