The psychology of narcissism

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Narcissism isn’t just a personality type that shows up in advice columns; it’s actually a set of traits classified and studied by psychologists. But what causes it? And can narcissists improve on their negative traits? W. Keith Campbell describes the psychology behind the elevated and sometimes detrimental self-involvement of narcissists.

Why Trains Suck in America

At one time, America’s railroads were king. It’s a very pleasant way to travel. You have more legroom than planes or buses, you don’t have to drive or navigate pr pump gas, and the view along the way is unique. But the last time I rode a train was in the 1970s, and I hear that riding a train now is as expensive as a plane trip and slower than driving. There aren’t many passenger trains available anymore. Wendover Productions looks at the reasons why. Of course, it boils down to money and infrastructure (which costs money). Even freight trains don’t carry as much cargo as they should, but that’s a subject for another day.

A friendly game of baseball, 1861 style

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 When the Thames Base Ball Club hosted the Lyme Taverners on the lawn of Fort Trumbull State Park in New London, their game recalled an earlier era when sportsmanship and gentlemanly play was prized. Vintage baseball teams play by 1861 rules with a handmade ball and no gloves. And while players still have the competitive spirit, most prize camaraderie among teammates and opponents over being the winner according to the scoreboard.

Dr. James Loewen – Lies My Teacher Told Me

Dr. James Loewen, Sociologist/Historian/Author of 6 books including “Lies My Teacher Told Me” and “Lies Across America.” The average American History textbook weighs 4.5 pounds – is 888 pages long – and contains page after page of misinformation that is tainting the education of American children every day. So how can teachers give children a comprehensive and accurate history of America?


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This is a compilation of water slide fails. The clips are of people going down water slides and failing. Some of the slides are home made while others are at waterparks. Some of these people try to be clever and end up failing all the way down the water slide. Other people are going to fast and spin out of control. Either way, it’s safe to say these were some funny fails caught on camera!