Robby Krieger on the Origin of “Peace Frog” & “Light My Fire”

In Reverb’s most recent edition of Song Stories, Reverb had the privilege to catch up with legendary rock guitar icon Robby Krieger of the Doors. While Jim Morrison often gets credit as the visionary behind the Doors, the band was actually immensely collaborative with its compositions, “Peace Frog” and “Light My Fire” being prime examples of the band’s joint efforts.

A Few Facts They Don’t Teach You In School

Via “The Richest“. It has been said that those that do not learn about history are doomed to repeat it. A lot of students may find history boring and would rather focus on the here and now, but sometimes history can be surprising. Bizarre facts and events that we may not have learned about from our high school textbooks. Try as we may, not all information can be stored in a single textbook and history is not an exact science. Sometimes the things that are left out are believed to be ‘too sensitive’ or ‘vulgar’ for young people to hear about and needed to be censored. Other times it’s because it’s not deemed important enough or for convenience sake for different cultures. But these are some of those intriguing events and people that helped shaped the world as we know it today, whether we learned about them in school or not. While many of us would prefer to look to the future, history is a part of everyone’s lives. But sometimes what we were taught in school was only the tip of the historical iceberg. Here are 10 historical facts they never taught you in school.

What If English Were Phonetically Consistent?

English is a weird language, in that the written version consists of letters and phonemes that we pronounce many different ways, depending on the context. It takes years for a child, hearing nothing but spoken English, to master it orally, then many more years to master reading it. But what if pronunciation rules were internally consistent? In this video, Aaron Alon gradually applies consistent pronunciation to vowels until it doesn’t sound like English at all. -via Nag on the Lake    

How Do You Help a Grieving Friend?

It’s human nature to want to help the people you love by fixing their problems, or at least helping alleviate the situation in some way. When someone is going through the grieving process, you can’t fix the problem. You can’t take away the pain, and most of the time, you can’t even share it. Cheering someone up only puts a band-aid on the underlying hurt. But you can be there for them, and that’s important. There’s more from Megan Devine about grief and how to handle it here. -Thanks, Maika!

Doodle Music – the relation between music and mathematical symmetry

Math artist Vi Hart illustrates the relation between music and mathematical symmetry. From the YouTube page:

A visual and musical expression of mathematical symmetry groups. The transformations done to the video are equivalent to the transformations done to the notes.

These type of repeating patterns are called frieze patterns. A couple wallpaper groups are also represented.

But the video is intuitive. You don’t have to completely understand it to enjoy it. (via