Podcast for Friday, November 16th

In two parts but it’s Friday and two parts oughta be just fine!

Podcast for Thursday, November 15th

In two parts, today at no extra charge!

Bumper Songs for Wednesday, November 14th

In two parts but I don’t have a good reason why today:

Podcast for Tuesday, November 13th

In two parts for no other reason than there’s two parts.

Podcast for Monday, November 12th

In two parts even though it’s a rainy Monday and that always brings Karen down.

Podcast for Friday, November 9th

In two parts and it’s Friday!

Podcast for Thursday, November 8th

In two parts on this fine day of days:

Podcast for Wednesday, November 7th

In two parts, just like everything else:

Podcast for Tuesday, November 6th

In two parts because GO VOTE that’s why.

Podcast for Monday, November 5th

In the two parts we’ve all come to know and love, but with today’s uniqueness: