Podcast for Tuesday, August 20th

In two parts

Part One: Fast News, Late Night Highlights, Katy Perry – Fondler? , Migraine Help, Don’t Drink Bleach, Football Speeches and Cardio, The Pennywise Doll Freak Out, Old Time Road and Billie Eillish, Dumbasses!

Part Two: Ask the Zoo Dude! A 1958 documentary clip about climate change, TV, Good News, Radio Day

Podcast for Monday, August 19th

In two parts.

Part One: The News in 60, Saluting Peter Fonda, Late Night Highlights, Eavesdropping Devices, Password Panic, Streaming Wars, Zepplin vs Spirit (again), Surprise Triplets, Money Disorders and Debt, Dumbasses!

Part Two: The Long Con, Elvis Spy Show, Peter Fonda dn the Beatles, Mam June, Vultures Infest a Neighborhood, Good News, Michigan State University and Newspeak.


Podcast for Friday, August 16th

In two parts.

In part one: News in 60 seconds, News Bloopers, Elvis, Woodstock, Pumpkin Spice Stuff, New Anti-Robo-Call Measures, Car Chip Implant, and Dumbasses

In part two: Drake on the Rocks Trivia, The State of Music in 1969, Elvis and the Gun Story, Pokemon Go, Skydiving Miracle, Rev. Whalum, John Kilzer’s Elvis Story and Cover

Podcast for Thursday, August 15th

In two parts.

In part one: The News in 60 Seconds, Two kinds of parenting, an Orwellian AOL ad, Windows update, MacBook warning, the best jobs with a good future and good pay (and the top one’s not in tech), Good News!, Dumbasses!

In part two: Lawyer Bill!, Death by Taco (then it gets weird), a thing that helps you live longer and where to get it, Bruce from the Memphis Flyer!, Rock News!

Podcast for Wednesday, August 14th

In part 1: The News (briefly), Late Night Highlights, How Facebook Listens to You, The Elvis Auction, CBD Oil and Drug Tests, The Money in Meatless, Happy Birthday Steve Martin, and Dumbasses.

In part 2: Drake on the Rocks, Woodstock, Your comments about meatless and CBD oil, Good News about Matching Couple and a Lottery Winner, the Out-Of-Country Medical Insurance Solution, Dogs and Water Warning, Mutant Ozzy, Banana Troubles, and the Obsessive Text Stalker.

Podcast for Tuesday, August 13th

In two parts:

Part 2 is “Ask the Zoo Dude” with Matt Thompson, Chief Zoological Officer of The Memphis Zoo

Podcast for Thursday, August 8th

In two parts:

Podcast for Wednesday, August 7th

In two parts:

Podcast for Tuesday, August 6th

In two parts:

Podcast for Monday, August 5th

In two parts: