Pizza Is Reportedly A Healthier Breakfast Option Than Sugary Cereals, Nutritionists Say

Megan Schaltegger, MSN

Pizza for breakfast is an American classic. Whether it’s cold and taken straight from the box or served after an early morning reheat, it’s basically a delicacy all on its own. However, I’ve never characterized the tradition in any way, shape, or form as healthy. In fact, I’m pretty sure I haven’t ever heard ‘pizza’ and ‘healthy’ in the same sentence…until now.


FBI plotting to keep DNA of ENTIRE population on file to create ‘nation of suspects’

THE FBI is creating a “nation of suspects” by putting every American citizen’s DNA on file, according to shocking claims by a US think tank.

By Matt DRake, The Daily Star

President Donald Trump has signed the Rapid DNA Act into law which means the police can routinely take DNA samples from people who are arrested but not yet convicted of a crime.

The law, which was signed in 2017 and comes into effect this year, will require several states to connect Rapid DNA machines to Codis – the national DNA database controlled by the FBI.

These machines, which are portable and about the same size as a desktop printer, are expected to become as routine a process as taking fingerprints.


Samsung’s new smartphone costs $1,980 and has six cameras

The Week

There’s apparently a wide swath of cell phone users begging to be confused by a baffling array of camera lens options, and Samsung’s got the market cornered.

Samsung put on a literal show on Wednesday, streaming the unveiling of its newest line of smartphones online for the world to see. The most startling new development in its line is the Galaxy Fold, a smartphone that literally folds into a tablet and back again, which would allow the user to view three apps at once, which is nothing compared to the Fold’s six — yes, six — built-in cameras.


50 Words That Instantly Age You

By Sarah Crow, MSN

In the last quarterly update to the Oxford English Dictionary, more than 900 new words were added (and, thus, 900-plus ways to modernize your vocabulary). And with every new word that enters the cultural lexicon, another is bound to fall by the wayside. (Yes, that’s why you’re unlikely to hear complaints about “whippersnappers” and “courting” practices among today’s courting young whippersnappers.) So, before you bewilder your younger friends and coworkers by trotting out a barrage of woefully antiquated terms, ditch these outdated words that will instantly age you. And for some terms you should use, check out these 30 Latin Phrases So Genius You’ll Sound Like a Master Orator.

1. “Classy”

While you may hear this used by your younger friends in jest when someone’s doing something particularly unsophisticated, referring to something as “classy” in earnest only makes you sound older. Your grandmother may call wearing a string of pearls a “classy look,” but you rarely hear billionaires boasting about their “classy” 17th century villas in the south of France. And, as many a linguist will agree, there’s virtually no word that makes you sound less sophisticated like this one.

2. “Slacks” 

You may claim to put your slacks on one leg at a time, but for the vast majority of people who don’t live in the United Kingdom, those garments with two legs that fasten at the waist are called pants.

3. “Dope”

Whether you’re referring to something that’s cool or calling your friend who once admitted to smoking pot a “dope fiend,” using this word in virtually any context will immediately make you sound older than you actually are.


20 products with a cult following on Amazon, and why they’re worth it


Power comes in numbers, and that’s how you know that these Amazon products are excellent. Thousands and thousands of users all agree that they’re worth it: Each item—from a knife sharpener to a clay face mask—has a 4+ star rating (and some of our staffers swear by these items too!) Without further adieu: This is the best Amazon has to offer.

1. A stopper that keeps hair from clogging your drain

Reviews: 13.1k
Average rating: 4.2 stars
The details: You’ll never have a gross clogged drain again with the TubShroom. It fits neatly inside your shower drain to catch all types of hair without ever disrupting water flow.

2. A deeply healing face and body mask



By By Thomas Lake, CNN

Two years ago, I got a phone call from a woman who sang in the circus. She said she could prove that James Brown had been murdered. I met her on a hot day near Chicago, where the big top was rising and the elephants were munching hay. The singer’s name was Jacquelyn Hollander. She was 61 years old. She lived in a motor home with two cats and a Chihuahua named Pickles. She had long blond hair and a pack of Marlboros. She said she was not crazy, nor was she lying, and she hoped I would write her story, because it might save her life.

Or maybe it would get her killed. That was also a possibility, she said. Bad things happened to people who ran afoul of the James Brown organization. “I’m sure you know that Adrienne Brown was my good friend,” she said, referring to James Brown’s third wife. “That’s a very long story, when I tell you about it. There’s no doubt she was murdered.”

We got in my car and drove to Panera for lunch. Jacque’s story widened, deepened, growing ever more strange.


50 Supermarket Tricks You Still Fall For

Food experts, industry analysts, and store employees share their insider strategies on how to save money on groceries, stay healthy, and beat the supermarkets at their own game.

It’s no accident that shopping carts are getting bigger.

When you walk in the door, you smell bread baking or rotisserie chicken roasting in the deli area because we know those smells get your salivary glands working. When you’re salivating, you’re a much less disciplined shopper. —Paco Underhill, consumer expert and author of What Women Want: The Science of Female Shopping. These are things that your grocer won’t tell you.

The more people buy, the more they consume.


Goodbye to Memphis? Jimmy Ogle is history

, Memphis Commercial Appeal

Mike and Marc might leave.

Sad, but not unimaginable. Professional athletes are professional vagabonds.

But Jimmy Ogle?

Can the creator of 32 distinct Memphis history walking tours walk away from his hometown?

Can the official Shelby County Historian leave Shelby County?

Can The Peabody duckmaster take flight?

Jimmy Ogle is the man who identified 157 distinct designs for manhole covers in Downtown Memphis. That’s the type of hometown commitment that a recruiting basketball coach can only dream of.

Jimmy Ogle leaving Memphis — where he was born on Nov. 14, 1952, in the old Baptist Memorial Hospital on Union Avenue — is like a fish leaving water.


24 Everyday Things You Never Knew Even Had A Purpose

You’re using everything incorrectly. Not anymore.

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