(Good News) Man Has Been Delivering Hundreds of Roses to Widows, Military Wives, and Single Women on Valentine’s Day

CNN – Valentine’s Day may be a day of romance for some, but for others, it might just be a reminder of loneliness.

That’s why Seth Stewart has spent the last seven years making sure that local widows, single women, and military spouses in Spokane, Washington are not forgotten during the holiday.

Every morning on Valentine’s Day, Stewart and his brothers deliver single red roses to the homes of women who have lost their spouses or had their significant others deployed overseas.

 28-year-old Stewart keeps a list of all the women and mothers in his area who he delivers to every year. In the weeks leading up to the holiday, Stewart asks Facebook readers to send him the additional names of women who might need a pick-me-up so he can add them to the list.

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Children of the ’70s, the Bradys Have a Request

Cast is looking for items as part of HGTV remake of their old house
By Newser Editors,  Newser Staff
Posted Feb 14, 2019 9:00 AM CST

(NEWSER) – The Brady Bunch kids are asking fans to rummage through their attics to find relics from the 1970s. In a promotional video, the cast explains they’re hunting hard-to-find items as part of an HGTV remake of their home from the show. You can see the items needed here; they include everything from fish trivets hanging on the kitchen wall to a green-and-white floral sofa.

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Man Explains How He Killed Attacking Mountain Lion

Colorado man says he had to suffocate it
By Rob Quinn,  Newser Staff

(NEWSER) – Travis Kauffman says he’s sad that a mountain lion had to die—but since the animal had leaped at him and latched onto his wrist with its jaws, he had little choice but to fight back. At a news conference Thursday, the 31-year-old, who needed 28 stitches, recounted his life-or-death struggle with the juvenile mountain lion who attacked him while running on a trail near Fort Collins, Colo., earlier this month, KDVR reports. He said that after the cougar began clawing at his face and neck, it turned into a “wrestling match.” Kauffman told reporters that he tried using his free hand to hit the animal with a rock and stab it with sticks but nothing worked until he was able to shift his weight and suffocate it by putting his foot on its neck.

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Dating App Reveals Breach on Worst Possible Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, compromised users of Bagel Meets Coffee
By Newser Editors,  Newser Staff
Posted Feb 14, 2019 7:08 PM CST

(NEWSER) – Those looking for love on the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel received an email from the company on Thursday. Given that it just happened to be Valentine’s Day, users might have expected to open it up and read a word encouragement. Not so much. The email revealed a data breach, reports NBC News. Specifically, those using the app before May 2018—an estimated 6 million people—might have been compromised; the good news is that only names and email addresses seem to have been affected.

More: http://www.newser.com/story/271355/dating-app-reveals-breach-on-worst-possible-day.html

The 20 Synonyms and Antonyms People Search for the Most

By Meghan Jones, MSN

It happens to even the most fluent of writers, and it’s probably happened to you: All of a sudden the right word seems just out of reach. You know what you want to express—or exactly the opposite of what you want to express—but, to find just the right synonym or antonym, you need to turn to the trusty thesaurus. And, thanks to the Internet, finding the perfect word to convey what you want to say no longer requires a massive book. A plethora of synonyms and antonyms is just a click away. Just make sure that you’re not guilty of any of these hilarious examples of how not to use a thesaurus.

 The Internet also makes it easy to find the most popular of these online searches. According to the team at thesaurus.com, the word that people looked up synonyms for most often in 2018 was “good.” In case you’ve considered making the same search yourself, some of the most popular synonyms of “good” are “excellent,” “favorable,” and “satisfactory.” The perfect choice depends on just how “good” whatever you’re describing is!

The thesaurus.com team also compiled the full top 20 synonym searches for the year, and “good” is just the beginning. Half of them are commonly used adjectives, descriptors that could use a little spicing up. In addition to “good,” wordsmiths also looked for synonyms to words like “happy,” “beautiful,” and “great.” “Bad,” the opposite of the number-one word, made the list as well, coming in at number 11. A few verbs made the list, like “find” and “create,” and several of the other words can be both verbs and nouns, such as “experience,” “change,” and “help.” Making the fourth spot on the list is the familiar, but perhaps overused, transition word “however.” Check out the full list below…

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(Bruce VanWyngarden) It Was 30 Years Ago Today …

The Memphis Flyer

It was 30 years ago this week — February 16, 1989 — that a stalwart band of dreamers snuck out in the pre-dawn darkness, setting up newspaper boxes all over Memphis and filling them with the first issue of the Memphis Flyer. Later that morning, thousands of Memphians woke up to find a new voice had come to town — one that was progressive, provocative, edgy, and much more free-wheeling than traditional local print media.

It was a year that certainly needed a new voice. The remnants of ’80s music still dominated the pop charts — Paula Abdul, Roxette, Fine Young Cannibals, Bobby Brown, Milli Vanilli (Fake Music!), Madonna, Richard Marx. The grunge years were just around the corner.

On the political stage, Ronald Reagan had just exited, stage right, making way for the transitional four-year presidency of George Herbert Walker Bush. Americans had no idea what was to come. The Clinton years were just around the corner.

More: https://www.memphisflyer.com/memphis/it-was-30-years-ago-today/Content?oid=19370084

The 10 dirtiest items in your house—and how to clean them

Brigitt Earley, Reviewed.com

And you thought your toilet seat was gross.

There’s no place like home to cozy up and kick back and because we’re comfortable in our own spaces, it’s easy to assume these areas are clean. But it turns out our homes are hotbeds for germs and bacteria. Consider that device you’re using to read this article: your keyboard is actually dirtier than a toilet seat, and so is your cell phone. It makes you wonder where else harmful bacteria like E. coli, MRSA, and Streptococcus may be lurking. Your doorknobs? Your pillows?

Spoiler alert: Your home is actually more disgusting than you probably thought. We asked the pros to weigh in on what to clean first, and the cleaning tips to get those germ magnets clean once more.

1. Remote controls

Remote controls are touched by every family member—even the pets tend to sit on them and slobber them occasionally—so the surface of your remote control is the perfect host for germs and bacteria,” says Lily Cameron, a cleaning professional and supervisor at Fantastic Services. Clean remotes at least once per week, more if someone in the household is sick.

How to clean: Remove the batteries from the back of the remote. Then, wipe over the surface using a lint-free cloth dipped into rubbing alcohol. Next, carefully clean the build-up of dirt inside the buttons using a toothpick. Finally, dry the controller with a clean lint-free cloth and reinstall the batteries.

2. Carpets

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Vans Celebrates Led Zeppelin’s 50th Anniversary With A New Sneaker Collection

By  , Uproxx

Led Zeppelin is one of those classic rock bands that’s maintained its cool factor through multiple decades. It’s easy to find both kids and parents alike who have heard “Stairway to Heaven.” Now skater brand Vans is solidifying the band’s legacy by releasing a special edition sneaker pack in celebration of their first self-titled album that hit stores 50 years ago.

Speaking of classics, Vans is incorporating its classic sneaker silhouettes — the Vans Sk8-Hi and the Vans Era — in the sneaker pack, along with a “Led Zeppelin Off The Wall” trucker hat and a long-sleeved T-shirt. The Sk8-Hi features a black suede and canvas upper with the artwork from the album printed on the quarter panel. The band’s name is featured in red under a black Vans logo, and the coolest part is each of the band member’s logos (from the artwork on their fourth album) are stamped on a white midsole and under the tongue.

More: https://uproxx.com/style/vans-led-zeppelin/

“Motown 60” TV Special: Smokey, Stevie, Diana, But Nary a Mention of Michael Jackson or the Jackson 5 Plus Lionel Richie Drops Out

by Roger Friedman, Showbiz

When they edit together the three hour “Motown 60” for CBS (to air in April) it will have some brilliant moments and some headscratchers.

Just about completely missing from the show is anything about the Jackson 5 or Michael Jackson. I found it stunning that there was no nod to Michael’s Moonwalk from the 1983 “Motown 25” show. It felt like the producers of tonight’s show– taped at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles– missed a poignant opportunity to feature the Jacksons (Jermaine, Marlon, Jackie, Tito) as adults. One can only surmise that with the current Michael documentary airing soon on HBO, CBS wanted nothing to do with him. At least Michael’s face was shown in the In Memoriam section.

There were many other glaringly weird things going on at the show, but let’s concentrate on the good stuff. Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson demonstrated why they are premiere artists. The whole show could have been about them and it would be fine. Diana Ross was in fine voice but they will have to cut her fawning over Berry Gordy, which was surreal.

A surprise blast from the past was Thelma Houston, who kind of stole the show singing her massive 1977 hit “Don’t Leave Me This Way.” You will want to see that.

More: https://www.showbiz411.com/2019/02/13/motown-60-tv-special-smokey-stevie-diana-but-nary-a-mention-of-michael-jackson-or-the-jackson-5-plus-lionel-richie-drops-out

People are happiest at ages of 16 and 70 in UK, says study

, The Guardian

People in the UK are happiest at 16 and 70 years old, with their wellbeing taking a dive for the majority of their working lives, according to an analysis of official data carried out by a leading thinktank.

A Resolution Foundation paper published on Wednesday said people tend to be happier, more satisfied and to feel a greater sense of self-worth in their earlier years – and again as they approach older age.

The study of seven years of Office for National Statistics (ONS) data also suggested that anxiety levels tend to rise between their mid-20s and their mid-50s.

More: https://www.theguardian.com/global/2019/feb/13/people-are-happiest-at-ages-of-16-and-70-in-uk-says-study