People Who Are Eating Their Food Completely Wrong

These photos of people eating their food incorrectly will absolutely infuriate you… [via smosh]


Found Photos: Rocky Horror Show Behind The Scenes Polaroids

By Karen Strik, Flashbak

“Found these on the platform of the C train in TriBeCa in 2011,” writes Marterdom. “They are photos of Tim Curry and the cast of the Rocky Horror film (1975) during the making of the film. Some have writing on the back and Frankenfurter kissed the back of one.”

Wow. And if they were found, they might well have been lost. Do you know anything about these pictures?


Found Photos: Rocky Horror Show Behind The Scenes Polaroids Found Photos: Rocky Horror Show Behind The Scenes Polaroids Found Photos: Rocky Horror Show Behind The Scenes Polaroids


Rock History in 65 Songs

Like all music, rock and roll has seriously evolved over the years. What was once serious rock and roll is now considered almost dull and juvenile. Anthony Vincent of Ten Second Songs teamed up with  Ken Tamplin, and Gabriela Gunčíková to cover the past 65 years of rock and roll with 65 rock songs, starting with Rock Around The Clock, and ending with Psycho by Muse.

Compilation of Classic Hollywood Bloopers

Hollywood in the 1930s and ‘40s was an era of glamor and poise, a world perpetually clothed in evening attire—at least, that’s how it seemed on screen. In reality, the actors and actresses behind classic Hollywood films were just like anyone else: trying hard to do a good job, and getting frustrated when they made mistakes.

In “The Classic Hollywood Guide to How to React When You Screw Up a Scene,” YouTube user Via Margutta 51 has created a compilation of movie outtakes that makes the glamorous stars of the Classic Hollywood era seem a bit more down-to-earth. Featuring legendary actors like Humphrey Bogart, Bette Davis, Jimmy Stewart, Carole Lombard, and more, the video is a master class from Hollywood’s best on how to mess up in style. Full of hilarious ad-libs and PG-13 language, the video is a fascinating counterpart to the prim and proper language that characterized movies of the Hays Code era.

Toys vs Toys

Johnny McHone took advantage of the Vine format to stage battles between toys. This became a series, which has now been assembled into a movie. Characters from just about every TV, movie, comic book, and video game franchise that ever spawned action figures is included.

Power Rangers against Stormtroopers! Hulk Hogan vs. the Predator! Luke Skywalker vs. a dalek! Most of the time, it’s pretty easy to tell the good guys from the bad, until you run into a one-on-one  battles between two characters you’re not all that familiar with. But those sequences are short. There is a time-travel device involved, too, which throws a wrench into the whole plot. A lot of work went into this.