Deer found in Tennessee ‘Pump It Up’ store

MT. JULIET, Tenn. — In the wild, it’s not unusual to see a deer jump.

It is unusual to find them inside a business devoted to jumping and sliding.

Early Monday morning, police in Mt. Juliet were told a deer was inside a Pump It Up location.

When they arrived, police found a deer had jumped through the front window of the business located in the 2100 block of Mt. Juliet Road.

After some coaxing and the opening of a door, the deer ran across some deflated bouncies and back outside.


Chuck Pagano explains what the Colts were trying to do with that ‘trick’ play

By: | October 19, 2015 9:14 am

On Sunday night, the Colts ran perhaps the weirdest play of the NFL season when they aligned nine of the 11 players on the field to the right, leaving just one player (safety Colt Anderson) behind the center (usual receiver Griff Whalen) on 4th and 3 trailing by six points in the third quarter. Whalen then hiked Anderson the ball, which seemed to surprise Anderson, and the Patriots tackled Anderson behind the line of scrimmage.

The Colts turned the ball over on downs, and every single Colts fan in the stadium went silent. I mean: What could they do? What had just happened?

More questions: How had a play worked so poorly? And what, exactly, was head coach Chuck Pagano trying to do with the play?

Based on Pagano’s comments after the game, it appears the Colts were trying to get the Patriots confused and mis-aligned which would, in theory, allow them to sneak a play off and get a few yards. You can see the idea behind it: If the Patriots, to a man, follow their opponents over to the right side of the field, it could present a one-on-one situation in the middle of the field, and give Anderson a chance to beat a defender for the three yards they needed.

If that didn’t work, perhaps the confusion of the play could force the Patriots to waste a timeout. And if the Colts didn’t get the look they wanted, they could always take a delay of game penalty. (Pagano also appeared on the sidelines to ask Whalen why he hiked the ball.)

Here’s Pagano speaking about the play:

“The whole idea there was on fourth-and-3 or less, we shift to an alignment to where we could catch them misaligned. They tried to sub some people in. Catch them with more men on the field — 12 men on the field. And if you get a certain look, you have three (or) two yards to make a play.

“We shifted over and I didn’t do a good enough job coaching it during the week. Alignment wise, we weren’t lined up correctly and we had a communication breakdown between the quarterback and snapper. That’s on me.”

I could see this play working against a youth football team, perhaps even a poorly coached high school team, where defenders would blindly follow their opponents around the field and create a mismatch.

The Patriots are not a youth football team and they are not poorly coached. As USA TODAY Sports‘ Tom Pelissero reported, they had been preparing for a play like this. Not this one exactly, but they had a system in place to make sure enough players were in the center of the field.

Here’s Bill Belichick talking about the play, and I admire him for not laughing while doing so:

“We expected this to be a gadget game in the kicking game — the onside kick, some kind of fake, fake punt, fake field goal. We didn’t know what the play was going to be, obviously, but they went on the swinging gate type play and we went over to the overshift and made sure we covered the inside part and we reacted well to it. So it was a heads-up play by our punt-return unit.”

Even if the play had fooled the Patriots, the Colts weren’t even lined up on the line of scrimmage to the right, so they were assessed an illegal formation penalty that the Patriots happily declined.

It was a mess of a play, and one that the Patriots never looked back from, winning the game 34-27.

ZombiCon victim had almost skipped festival

FORT MYERS, Fla. — ZombiCon started for 20-year-old Expavious Taylor as a fun night out with his girlfriend. It ended in tragedy.

An estimated 20,000 people crowded into the festival when, shortly before midnight Saturday, shots rang out. Panic ensued as thousands of costume-clad, terrified revelers scrambled to flee the downtown area. Taylor, who went by his middle name of Tyrell, was one of the six people shot and the only fatality. A manhunt for the shooter or shooters continued Monday.

Jasmine Gaure, Taylor’s girlfriend, said she and Taylor and another couple were trying to grab a drink across from Capone’s, a pizza restaurant, when the shooting started.

“We just were standing there and then we heard the shots, and then we all got down,” said Gaure, 26. “When we all picked our heads up to check on each other, we saw him lying there on the sidewalk.”

Guare said they had their backs to the street, so no one saw what happened.

Gaure said the couple hadn’t even been sure if they would go to the event, but they decided to make the most of his weekend, as he rarely had one off. It was a bye week for Taylor, who was an offensive lineman for ASA College, a junior college in Miami.

Taylor’s sister, Amanda Andrews, remembers Gaure calling her hysterical just after the shooting.

“Tyrell got shot!” Andrews recalls her yelling. “He won’t move, he won’t move.”

Andrews, 25 of LaBelle, aid she couldn’t believe it.

“Why would somebody do this?” Andrews asked. “Everybody loved him.”

Andrews, who was on her way back to Florida after a family funeral in Georgia, remembers the last time she spoke to her brother was Friday to arrange for his visit to Clewiston to see family Sunday. She recalled telling him: “Hopefully you’ll still be there when we get back home.”

She described her brother as a church-going young man who sang gospel and was a two-sport athlete in high school. Taylor had lost his mother, father, grandmother and a child who died at birth.

“For him to have lost so many people, he stayed focused and didn’t give up,” she said. “He pushed and pushed and pushed. He showed us he was going to make something out of himself.”

Gaure said Taylor was interested in forensic science and wanted to become a mortician. He worked at a funeral home preparing bodies for burial to get job experience.

“He was heading in the right direction, he was going to be somebody,” she said.

Pete Walker, Taylor’s football coach at Clewiston (Fla.) High, said he was impressed by Taylor’s determination in spite of all he’d been through.

“It’s a tragic story of a young person losing his life over not a whole lot,” he said.

Timberlake praises city, joins Sam Moore to cap Memphis Music Hall of Fame event

By Bob Mehr of The Commercial Appeal Posted: Oct. 17, 2015

Watch his speech here.

“When people ask me where I’m from I say, ‘Memphis.’ Not where do you live right now, but where are you from,” said Justin Timberlake as part of an emotional, funny, nearly 30-minute speech as he became the youngest inductee of the Memphis Music Hall of Fame on Saturday night.

The stars were out in force, from rock icons to comedy giants to NBA greats, as the sold-out Cannon Center hosted the annual Memphis Music Hall of Fame ceremony. The fourth edition of the annual event saw six more legends of local music — Scotty Moore, Sam & Dave, Al Jackson Jr., Charlie Rich, Memphis Slim and Alberta Hunter — join Timberlake for the hall’s fourth class.

The evening’s inductions began with pioneering blues songstress Alberta Hunter. Hunter, who died in 1984, has no living relatives. “I was sad to learn Alberta Hunter had no family, but we’re all her family tonight,” said Memphis blues diva Susan Marshall, who paid tribute with a stirring soulful rendition of Hunter’s signature, “Nobody Loves You When You’re Down and Out.”

Blues Foundation head Barbara Newman inducted Memphis Slim, the Bluff City-born pianist. His honor was accepted by members of his family, the Chatmans. Stax pianist Lester Snell, and Tracy Nelson — founder of Mother Earth, named after the Memphis Slim’s song — performed a joyful blues.

The Silver Fox, Charlie Rich, was honored by Knox and Jerry Phillips, sons of Sun Records founder Sam Phillips. They noted the depth and virtuosity of Rich’s talent — which encompassed everything from rockabilly to jazz to country. Rich’s son, Charlie Rich Jr., wearing a jacket emblazoned with a bedazzled silver fox, wowed the crowd with lilting, beautiful version of his father’s hit “Behind Closed Doors.”

The middle chunk of the ceremony was devoted to Timberlake, whose entrance was set up by remarks from Grizzlies point guard Mike Conley, Three 6 Mafia founder DJ Paul and Timberlake’s close friend and “The Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon.

Fallon’s induction speech was part good-natured roast, part self-effacing comedy routine. “Who better to induct him than me … Mrs. Justin Timberlake,” cracked Fallon, mock-apologizing to Timberlake’s wife, actress Jessica Biel. “Jessica, I’m sorry; the heart wants what it wants.”

“What I love about Justin is he’s never forgotten where comes from,” continued Fallon. “He loves Memphis. I mean, his wife’s last name is Biel. I talked him out of naming his son Barbecue. But he’s passionate about his hometown.”

Timberlake then accepted his award to a standing ovation and the screams of several thousand, mostly female, fans. “I never prepared a speech for anything,” he said, by way of introduction. “But this is the (expletive) coolest thing that’s ever happened to me.

“This (city) is one of a kind and I know ’cause I’ve been around,” said Timberlake. “But London ain’t got no Gus’ Fried Chicken. Paris may have rendezvous, but they don’t have the Rendezvous. Egypt has the pyramids, but they don’t have a Bass Pro Pyramid.”

After shouting out the Grizzlies — the team in which he owns a stake — and celebrating the University of Memphis’ football win over Ole Miss earlier in the day, including leading the entire audience in a rendition of the school’s fight song, Timberlake turned serious. He noted that “Memphis is the global capital of soul. And that soul is not just in the music, it’s in the people.

After thanking his wife and family, Timberlake concluded his speech, his voice choking with emotion, by saying he owed a deep debt to the city of Memphis, for the honor of representing it. “I only hope I can continue to return the favor for as long as I live and breathe,” he said.

Another big name followed as Rolling Stones legend Keith Richards got up to honor rock guitar pioneer and Elvis Presley sideman Scotty Moore, who was unable to attend the ceremony. Richards accepted the Hall of Fame statuette on behalf of Moore — and then promptly dropped it to the floor. “But I dropped it classically, elegantly,” joked Richards. “Sorry about having dropped it Scotty — it’s only rock and roll, but at the same time (Moore) is rock and roll.

Richards went on to praise Moore’s influence on his career and those of so many other guitarists. “I started out on an acoustic guitar, then I heard Scotty Moore and I went electric. He opened up avenues musically in the way he worked with (bassist) Bill Black, and Elvis, of course. That was the kick-off for me and a lot of guys.”

Late Stax and Hi Records drummer, producer and songwriter Al Jackson was given a musical tribute by a group that included his Booker T. & the MG’s band mate Steve Cropper, while Jackson’s son Randall accepted the award, praising his father. “My dad was a great man and great musician, and that’s what we’ve come to pay tribute to. There was none like Al Jackson on the drums,” said Jackson. “I know there are many great drummers but you’ll be hard pressed to beat Al Jackson.”

The evening ended with the induction of Stax soul duo Sam & Dave. The children of David Prater accepted on behalf of their late father, who died in 1988. Sam Moore, the living half of the duo known as “Double Dynamite” took the stage for a speech that recalled Sam & Dave’s arrival in Memphis and at Stax in the mid-1960s. He then performed a trio of Sam & Dave hits, starting with “I Thank You.”

On “Soul Man,” he brought Timberlake out of the crowd and onto the stage. Timberlake began beatboxing while Moore scat sang, and the whole performance turned into a gospel-style celebration. Joined by Stax greats Cropper and William Bell, the pair closed the show with a rendition of “(Sittin’ On) The Dock of the Bay,” as Moore and Timberlake traded jokes and vocals on the Otis Redding classic.

Tracy Morgan, bouncing back from bad crash, returns to ‘SNL’

Posted: Oct 18, 2015 5:22 AM CDTUpdated: Oct 19, 2015 9:03 AM CT

NEW YORK (AP) – Tracy Morgan returned to a familiar stage, hosting “Saturday Night Live” in his first appearance on the show since a vehicle crash that left him in a coma.

“I was in a terrible car accident more than a year ago. It was awful, but it also showed me how much love and support I have in this world,” the comic said in his opening monologue.

“People are wondering, ‘Can he speak? Does he have 100 percent mental capacity?'” he asked. “The truth is, I never did. I might even be a few points higher.”

In one sketch, he was joined by “30 Rock” co-stars Tina Fey, Alec Baldwin, Jane Krakowski and Jack McBrayer. Fey broke character to inject a serious note: “We’re so happy you’re OK. We’re even happier you’re ready to make people laugh again.”

Morgan also brought back a couple of his familiar characters – Astronaut Jones (stranded on Mars, a la Matt Damon in “The Martian”) and animal expert Brian Fellow (joined by a real camel, who mostly cooperated).

Morgan suffered severe head trauma in June 2014 when a truck on the New Jersey Turnpike slammed into the back of the limo van he was riding in. Comedian James “Jimmy Mack” McNair, a mentor of Morgan’s, was killed in the crash. Morgan was in a coma for two weeks. Three other passengers suffered serious injuries.

Arrieta tagged early, Cubs fall behind Mets 2-0 in NLCS

Posted: Oct 18, 2015 11:03 PM CDT
Updated: Oct 19, 2015 8:50 AM CDT

NEW YORK (AP) – Somewhere between Pittsburgh and Chicago, Jake Arrieta lost his unhittable aura.

He didn’t find it in New York, that’s for sure.

Arrieta gave up base hits to his first three batters – including Daniel Murphy’s latest postseason homer – and the Chicago Cubs were unable to recover Sunday night in a 4-1 loss to the New York Mets that left them down 2-0 in the NL Championship Series.

“I put us in a pretty big hole there at the start, one that was a little too hard to overcome,” Arrieta said.

The good news for the wild-card Cubs is they’re headed home to Wrigley Field, with Game 3 in the best-of-seven set scheduled for Tuesday night. But they’ll need quite a comeback to claim their first pennant in seven decades as they try to end that World Series championship drought that dates to 1908.

“We’ve got work to do,” Arrieta said. “Two tough games here, but the series is not over. We feel good where we’re at.”

Arrieta led the majors with 22 wins and was so dominant after the All-Star break, his second-half performance ranks as one of the best in baseball history. He went 11-0 with a 0.41 ERA in 12 starts from Aug. 4 through the end of the season, then pitched a five-hit shutout at Pittsburgh to win the NL wild-card game.

But with his 2015 total now approaching 250 innings, the Cy Young Award contender has been much less effective in his last two outings.

“I physically felt fine. I knew the high-end (velocity) wasn’t necessarily there tonight. Threw quite a few changeups to offset that,” Arrieta said.

Cubs manager Joe Maddon was asked if he thinks Arrieta’s workload has taken a toll.

“I can’t deny that it might be. I don’t know that,” Maddon said. “If that (radar) gun was correct on the field, he might have been down a mile an hour or two.”

“From the side, delivery was good. He was not laboring to throw the ball. It’s just, it wasn’t as crisp as it had been, that’s all,” the manager added.

After a long string of sensational starts, Arrieta finally got touched up at home by St. Louis in Game 3 of the Division Series. He yielded four runs and five hits in 5 2-3 innings of an 8-6 win that left him 2-0 with a 2.45 ERA and 20 strikeouts in two playoff outings.

Working on an extra day of rest against the Mets, the right-hander fell behind 3-0 after 13 pitches at chilly Citi Field.

“That was the game right there,” Maddon said. “It was really hard to recover from that.”

Pitching in short sleeves on a windy, 45-degree night, Arrieta gave up a leadoff single to Curtis Granderson and a hit-and-run double to slumping David Wright that put the Mets ahead.

Murphy reached down for a 1-2 curve and hooked it into the right-field corner for his fifth homer in these playoffs. He has connected in four consecutive games.

“I don’t know so much that it was a lack of Jake’s ability as much as it was a pretty hot hitter,” Maddon said.

Including the postseason, Arrieta had gone 25 straight starts (since May 29 against Kansas City) without allowing a run in the first inning, according to STATS.

It was only the second time he gave up at least three runs in the first. The other game also came against the Royals, on July 30, 2010, STATS said.

“They came out pretty aggressive. Took advantage of a couple of balls elevated in the strike zone. The curveball to Murphy wasn’t that bad of a pitch,” Arrieta said. “I didn’t do a good enough job of minimizing mistakes.”

Arrieta issued a leadoff walk in the third to Granderson, who stole second and third before scoring on Yoenis Cespedes’ infield single.

With his team trailing 4-0, Arrieta was pulled for a pinch-hitter to start the sixth. The five innings matched his shortest start of the year.

When the Cubs were unable to rally, Arrieta was handed his first loss since July 25 against Philadelphia. After that, he won 13 consecutive decisions – including the playoffs.

But still, no Cubs pitcher has won three games in one postseason.

“Jake wasn’t as sharp as he can be, but he definitely held serve,” Maddon said. “The ambush early got us.”

Arrieta was outpitched by New York rookie Noah Syndergaard, who lost his major league debut to Arrieta at Wrigley Field in May.

This time, Syndergaard carried a one-hit shutout into the sixth. He was lifted after Kris Bryant smacked an RBI double off the left-field wall, but the Cubs couldn’t get anything going against New York’s bullpen.


Chicago is batting .159 in the series with three extra-base hits. The Cubs have one NLCS home run after hitting 12 in their first five playoff games.


Arrieta’s only other defeat on the road this year came on May 7 at St. Louis. He entered Sunday night 14-1 with a 1.49 ERA away from home, including the wild-card game.

Tigers fans prepared for packed Liberty Bowl vs Ole Miss

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) – Memphis and Ole Miss square off Saturday, and fans cannot contain their excitement for the Tigers’ biggest game of the season.

Inside the Tiger Bookstore, it was obvious it is a big week for Memphis fans.

“We’ve just got another flag. We are excited,” said Ashley Markham.

Ole Miss fans are no less excited, with many already in the Bluff City.

“With Oxford only being an hour and half, two hours away, a lot of their fans will be here. A lot of them are already in Memphis, so it’s really just battling it out from the get go,” Markham said.

With the undefeated Tigers taking on a big rival, the excitement is high, with some types tickets already being sold out.

“I think it’s awesome,” Memphis student Drew Webb said. “I think it’s really cool how Memphis had brought their game up in the last season or so. So going into this game undefeated really shows them what we’re all about.”

On campus, students have been talking about the game since Monday, when their tickets sold out. Some tickets are still available, but are limited to the upper bowl. None of them are being sold for less than $50.

“It’s going to be hype and it’s going to be loud and it’s going to be good,” Memphis student John Mikeal said.

Websites like StubHub have better seats available, but only if you are willing to fork over as much as $224 per ticket.

Students like Zach Tucker said it is all about the atmosphere on Tiger Lane and the energy in the Liberty Bowl.

“I think it will be insane, very similar to when Grizzlies get into the playoffs, in that Memphis fans will just go berserk,” Tucker said.

Tailgating spots open at 5 a.m. Saturday. For a list of parking logistics, click here.


Posted: Oct 15, 2015 2:39 PM CDTUpdated: Oct 16, 2015 5:03 AM CDT

 SHELBY COUNTY, TN (WMC) – Shelby County Fire Department issued an immediate burn ban.

Due to the current weather conditions, there is a ban on all open burning throughout the response areas of unincorporated Shelby County.

This includes all residential trash, construction over use, and open pit burning with and without air curtain destructors.

There is no timetable as to when the ban will be lifted.

Blue Jays head to ALCS as favorites to win World Series

The Toronto Blue Jays head to the American League Championship Series as the favorites to win the World Series.

The Blue Jays are 7-4 to win the World Series at the Westgate SuperBook, followed by the Chicago Cubs (9-4), Kansas City Royals (3-1) and New York Mets(4-1).

The Cubs are -150 favorites over the Mets in the NLCS, which starts Saturday. The Cubs, who haven’t won the World Series since 1908, are always a popular bet in Las Vegas. This year is no different.

At Caesars sportsbook, more money has been bet on the Cubs to win the World Series than on any other team. Of the four teams still in the playoffs, the Cubs are the only one that produces a loss for Caesars. And it’s a sizable one.

“We’re looking at a $350,000 loss on the Cubs,” sports operations manager Bismarck Leon at the Rio (a Caesars book), told ESPN.

The book opened the Cubs at 30-1 at Caesars.

William Hill’s Nevada sportsboook was able to mitigate its liability on the Cubs, despite a $1,000 bet placed on them at 40-1 last October. The Royals are the biggest liability for William Hill.

Cubs will face the Mets for the National League pennant

CHICAGO – The Chicago Cubs and New York Mets will face off in the National League Championship Series beginning Saturday night at Citi Field in New York after the Mets beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 3-2 in Game 5 of their division series on Thursday.

Jon Lester will be on the mound for the Cubs against Matt Harvey.

During the regular season the Cubs went a perfect 7-0 against the Mets, outscoring them 27-11 while taking four games at home in May and three in New York in July.

“We had a good record against the Mets this year but they’re a pretty different team than we had seen earlier,” Cubs manager Joe Maddon said on Thursday afternoon.

The Mets are different mostly because of the addition of Yoenis Cespedes, who came via trade on July 31. The Mets scored the most runs in the National League in the second half and hit the most home runs. That’s a far cry from the team that scored 11 runs in seven games against the Cubs.

“I think New York is a lot like us,” catcher David Ross said. “They’ve grown up over the year. They’re a much different team than we played them early on in the year.”

Ross isn’t wrong. Both teams have matured, especially on offense, where the Cubs ranked second in home runs and runs scored behind the Mets in the second half. Despite the increased offense, the Mets’ biggest assets are still on the mound.

“They have power pitching across the board,” Maddon said.

Some of that pitching was used on Thursday night as Jacob deGrom threw six innings and Noah Syndergaard came on in relief for an inning, but they also feature Matt Harvey and lefty Steven Matz. It’s a deep pitching staff that also looks different now than when the Cubs saw them earlier, when, for example,Jonathon Niese started two games; he’s now in the bullpen.

“I don’t know what the Mets look like,” Maddon said. “I know what they looked like a couple months ago.”

He and the Cubs will find out soon enough.