Still More Dumbasses!

Louisiana’s 29-year-old Correill Bradley recently went to the hospital after suffering a cut to her mouth. Bradley then filed a report with the Eunice Police Department, saying she bit into a sandwich from a fast food restaurant and later found a razor blade in the food. Bradley also filed a claim with the restaurant’s insurance company and contacted a personal injury attorney. However, Bradley went to a lot of bother for nothing as police noticed the razor looked new and didn’t appear to have been mixed with food. Officers then checked with a hardware store near the restaurant who sold the same razors. Surveillance videos showed Bradley shoplifting a pack of razor blades and she was arrested for criminal mischief and theft.


After Florida’s Amber McCune dumped boyfriend Eric Boothe he went about winning her back in all the wrong ways. Eric began stalking Amber and one day, while her family was outside, Eric drove his truck down their street at high speed. Amber’s father grabbed a brick and walked into the street to try and slow Eric down, but he continued at full speed and hit her dad, sending him 30 feet into the air. Amber’s dad was taken to the hospital and Eric was taken to jail after telling police he had no idea he hit someone and assumed the noise was from the brick hitting his truck.


Comedian Jaron Myers dropped out of college, yet he took part in Missouri State’s graduation ceremonies. Myers heard all you had to do to walk across the stage at graduation was hand a piece of paper with your name on it to the person introducing the graduates to the crowd. Myers decided to give it a try and bought a cap and gown for $38 and snuck into the ceremony. Sure enough, Myers was introduced and walked across the stage with the other grads. Myers later tweeted that he hoped his mom is proud. A university official said they can appreciate Myers’ joke, but noted he had to sit there for two hours and didn’t know who the real winner was.


Authorities in Thailand have arrested model Ming Kongsawas after she was photographed at a Bangkok McDonald’s wearing a dress with a high slit that exposed her underwear while she lied down next to Ronald McDonald statue. McDonald’s threatened to prosecute Ming for ”damaging the company’s reputation” and she was arrested last Friday and fined around $150 for public indecency based on the photos taken a year ago. (See here)


An unnamed man went to Johnstown, Pennsylvania, police to report that his son was assaulted at local bar, only to be told that the victim has to file the complaint himself. Dad said his son was in the ICU as a result of the attack, but would contact police upon his release. After he was discharged, the son went to police and said he’d gotten into an argument with Robert Hanik Jr., which ended with him being shoved headfirst into a concrete garbage can, knocking him unconscious. His injuries included a partially fractured skull, a concussion and brain bleed. Hanik has been arrested and if you’re wondering what the men were arguing over, it was a beer can coozie.


Kelvin Rodriguez lives in New York’s Bronx neighborhood where he was about to become a teacher’s assistant. Unfortunately, Kelvin’s career trajectory has taken a downward plunge after he posed for a photo holding a gun while standing next to a 45th Precinct patrol car. The photo might’ve gone unnoticed had Kelvin not posted it to his Facebook page with a caption disparaging the 45th Precinct in unprintable language. Police later arrested Kelvin on charges of criminal possession of a weapon and say they found him with prescription Xanax and Valium and marijuana, although he later said, “I’m a good kid.”


Knowing that children were coming to his house on Sunday, Warren, Ohio’s Robin L. Garlock put his revolver in a safe place. Unfortunately, it didn’t prevent Garlock from being shot in each of his shoulders. It turns out that Garlock felt that hiding his loaded revolver in the oven would be a safe place, but didn’t count on his girlfriend doing some baking. When she turned on the oven, the bullets heated up and exploded. As Garlock tried to remove the gun from the oven he was burned before being shot. Warren Police Detective Wayne Mackey said, “The culprit is a Maytag oven,” although it likely won’t face prosecution.


An unidentified woman went to an Albany, New York, McDonald’s, but became upset when she felt her order was taking too long. Employees say the woman yelled at them, before backing her car up to the drive-thru window and pointing a gun at them. The woman left without firing…or food.


Fox News claims the St Francis, Wisconsin police recently arrested a man for breaking into cars while wearing a cat onesie. Home security cameras caught the man walking through yards. He stole drum kits, bicycles, red wagons and other electronic equipment before being caught. The man will be arraigned in the next several days

Woman ignores road closures to try and drive through half-marathon

by Richard Hartley–Parkinson

A woman has been caught on camera trying to drive through a half-marathon to get to the other side.

She drove her Ford Focus through a traffic cone to try and cross the route, claiming that she couldn’t find another way.

A man tried to stop her but she kept on going until a group of runners stopped in front of her.

A council officer ordered her to stop during the event in Plymouth, Devon.

She said: ‘I can’t get out…listen, I have tried to get out every which way. I have a workshop in Okehampton. I have had no information…I went very slowly.’

Footage taken by eyewitness Rob Bricknell on Sunday shows the woman turning onto a busy road, which was shut for the event.

People around were clearly shocked and can be heard swearing at the woman – with one runner yelling she could have killed someone.

A council Highways official then races over, telling the driver; ‘don’t move, stay there’ to which she replies, ‘You phone the workshop (to tell them I’ll be late).’

Now, a Team GB athlete has taken to Twitter to condemn the woman’s actions.

Sprint hurdler David King described it as ‘disgusting behaviour’ and said ‘you need to watch the video to believe it’.

He added: ‘Why do some people think they are above the law and everyone else?’

Mustang doing donuts blocks busy Florida bridge

By Ben Hooper

May 22 (UPI) — Police in Florida said a sports car driver engaged in “completely unlawful behavior” when he blocked a bridge by doing donuts in the roadway.

A video captured on the Southeast 17th Street bridge in Fort Lauderdale shows the Ford Mustang spinning in tight circles and shooting off smoke from its burning tires.

Police said the bridge was cleared by the time they arrived, but a man driving what police believe to be the same car was cited for reckless driving a short time later when officers witnessed him performing a similar stunt.

Other videos of the bridge incident were posted to the Instagram account of Street Life Car Club, which has since been switched to private.

“It’s completely unlawful behavior,” Fort Lauderdale Police Chief Rick Maglione told WPLG-TV. “It endangers the lives of the people engaging in that type of lawlessness, as well as the lives of the folks around them.”

Maglione said the cited driver could face additional charges if police can prove he was behind the wheel in the bridge video.

“We are looking into establishing the identity of the driver that was in the video, and if we can put that individual behind the wheel, we will still prosecute that individual to the full extent of the law,” Maglione said.

Turkeys chase cyclist down South Carolina road

By Ben Hooper

May 22 (UPI) — A surprised traveler on a North Carolina road turned around to capture video of an unusual spectacle: a cyclist being chased by turkeys.

The video, filmed this month on a road in Waynesville, shows a cyclist riding on the ride of the road with three turkeys in hot pursuit.

The filmer said the turkeys may have been chasing the man for up to two miles.

“On my way to eat lunch with my wife noticed a cyclist riding in the opposite direction with three turkeys chasing him,” the filmer wrote. “These turkeys are well know in town and hang out at a round about a few miles away. That is also a cyclist route for the area. I decided I needed to turn around and capture this event. Based on where they are usually they had chased that guy at least two miles to that location of the video.”

Florida city apologizes for alert warning of zombies

By Ben Hooper
CBS Miami

May 22 (UPI) — Officials in a Florida city apologized for an emergency alert that warned of a real power outage and a not-so-real “zombie alert.”

The alert, sent out by the city of Lake Worth early Sunday, warned of a “power outage and zombie alert for residents of Lake Worth and Terminus,” referencing a city from AMC’s The Walking Dead.

“There are now far less than seven-thousand-three-hundred-eighty customers involved due to extreme zombie activity,” the notice said. “Restoration time uncertain.”

City officials said they are investigating the apparent prank and they do not believe an employee or former employee is to blame.

“We are looking into the reports that the system mentioned zombies,” Ben Kerr, communications specialist for Lake Worth, said in a statement. “I want to reiterate that Lake Worth does not have any zombie activity currently and apologize for the system message.”

Kerr said 7,880 customers were affected by the power outage and electricity was restored in about 27 minutes.

Judge evicts 30-year-old after he wouldn’t move out of parents’ house


After their notes, advice and gifts of cash went unheeded, two parents turned to the law to move their adult son out of their house.

On Tuesday, a judge sided with Mark and Christina Rotondo, and said their 30-year-old son needs to leave.

The son, Michael Rotondo, had been living in his parents’ house for eight years. He called the ruling “outrageous” and said he would appeal the decision.

The Rotondos, who live in Camillus, New York, started leaving notes for their son, Michael, in February.

“After a discussion with your Mother, we have decided that you must leave this house immediately. You have 14 days to vacate. You will not be allowed to return,” reads a note dated Feb. 2, according to CBS Philadelphia.

“You are hereby evicted,” a Feb. 13 note reads. “You have heretofore been our guest and there is no lease or agreement that gives you any right to stay here without our consent.”

A subsequent note offered Michael $1,100 cash as an incentive to move and also encouraged him to get a job. “There are jobs available even for those with a poor work history like you. Get one — you have to work!” they wrote.

It continued, “If you want help finding a place your Mother has offered to help you.”

That offer seems to have gone unheeded, as the couple has since filed a petition with the state supreme court to remove their son from the house.

Michael contended that his parents didn’t give him enough time to leave, but a court on Tuesday sided with the couple and evicted Michael.

Even More Dumbasses

Moses Lake, Washington’s 19-year-old Kayla Irizzary was a passenger in a car that police pulled over last week. While the driver was arrested, officers had no legal reason to detain Kayla, so they allowed her to leave. However, a subsequent search of the vehicle turned up Kayla’s purse with her ID, a small pistol, heroin, and her paperwork from the last time she was released from jail. In the meantime, Kayla went on the Moses Lake Police Department’s Facebook page and bragged about getting away during the stop. That proved to be a big mistake as police were able to track Kayla down via her post and she was arrested early Saturday morning. (See post here)


Largo, Florida’s Jeffrey Robert Sabiel and Santa Marie Walters recently went to Walmart to get something. That something was a motorized shopping cart, which they used to drive to a nearby sports bar. Unfortunately for the couple, the cart-jacking was caught on surveillance video and the cart was later spotted outside the bar. An officer found the couple inside and gave them a time out in jail.


Portland, Oregon’s 59-year-old Franklin Laine Tomes got upset with his upstairs neighbors because he felt their kids were making too much noise. It was about to get a lot noisier as Tomes confronted the family in their apartment complex’s parking lot last Tuesday night. During the argument, Tomes grabbed an AK-47 and allegedly fired at least a dozen rounds at two victims while they ran away. Two men were taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds and Tomes was taken to jail.


It turns out there are rules at Outback Steakhouse. With apparently no Chuck E. Cheese restaurants around, two families got into a brawl at an Orange, Connecticut Outback last Sunday evening. Police had to break up the fight and arrest several people following the melee began because a small child was kicking the seat of another group at the restaurant.


A man went to Levels Barbershop in New York’s Crown Heights for a cut and got two. When the man expressed his dissatisfaction with the haircut he received and threatened not to pay for it, the barber punched him, sending him crashing through the plate glass window and onto the sidewalk. The customer was taken to the hospital to be treated for cuts to his face, while the barber cut out before police arrived.


Employees of a Stockton, California, CVS Pharmacy were able to subdue a masked suspect armed with a knife during an attempted holdup on Sunday morning. Once officers arrived, they removed the suspect’s ski mask and discovered he was 24-year-old Nicholas Juarez, who once worked at the store as a loss prevention officer.


A 64-year-old blind man was walking near a Manhattan subway station when a 14-year-old boy approached him. The boy identified himself as a police officer and demanded to check the blind man’s backpack. After rummaging through the backpack, the kid lifted the blind man’s wallet and left. The man soon discovered he’d been robbed and called the real police, who checked surveillance video and released photos of the punk. The boy was soon caught after his mother turned him in to police.


Pensacola, Florida’s 63-year-old Joseph John Musso is one slippery criminal. It took a shot of Taser to subdue Musso after police caught him loitering naked near a truck in a rainstorm while holding a bottle of cooking oil. After recovering from his jolt, Musso explained to arresting officers that he received sexual gratification by being naked in public and was carrying cooking oil because he liked to rub it on his legs.


The Daily Echo claims the Eastleigh, London Police recently arrested James Johnson after he went on a five day binge that ended with him wearing a woman’s bra and filling a bathtub with potatoes. When Judge Peter Henry asked Johnson why he filled the bathtub with spuds he said; “It felt like the right thing to do at the time”. Johnson was charged with possession and given 18 months of community service


An unnamed Frontier Airlines passenger was moved to the back of the aircraft on a flight from Denver to Charleston, South Carolina, last Thursday. This was after the man allegedly groped two women and questioned a third about her sexual habits. However, he was far from done behaving badly. The man later ensured seats were in the full upright and soaked position as he unzipped his pants and peed on the back of the seat in front of him. Another passenger filmed the man in the act and later took a photo as he was led off the plane in handcuffs.

Police called to ‘child’ spotted going into swingers’ club find she was just a short woman


By Nicola Stow – The Irish Sun

POLICE were called to a notorious swingers’ club after a “child” was spotted at the venue – then discovered she was just a short woman.

Officers were left red-faced when, after swooping on ClubF in County Durham, they realised the “youngster” was actually a very small customer.

Police were called to the swingers’ venue, Club F, in County Durham, following reports that a ‘child’ was seen entering the venue

Police were called to the swingers’ venue, Club F, in County Durham, following reports that a ‘child’ was seen entering the venue

The club, which has a fully equipped dungeon complete with mistress, boasts on its website of being “Britain’s friendliest swinging spot”.

Punters pay £10-a-year to be a member and once inside they can have sex with others – provided both consent.

Durham Constabulary has been called to the venue in Stanley, County Durham almost 20 times since 2015.

And on this occasion officers left after staff confirmed the child was actually just a customer.

A force spokesman said: “Police were called at around 9pm on July 16 2015 following concerns a child had entered a hotel named ClubF on High Street, Stanley.

“Officers spoke to the staff at the hotel who confirmed the female was one of their customers who was an adult woman.”

The force was unable to confirm how short the person was, but police logs state she was an “adult woman of shorter stature”.

Family says supermarket wouldn’t write Summa Cum Laude on a cake due to profanity

By Bill Burr

WEST ASHLEY, S.C. (WCIV) — The signs of a graduation party are still left around the house of the Koscinski family.

Jacob graduated Saturday with the highest honors from a Christian-based home-schooling program. So, his mom ordered a cake.

“He did not know we were getting a cake because he’s not a big cake eater. So we were all standing there waiting to see it and when we opened it, it was a huge shock to all of us,” said Cara Koscinski.

She explained how she ordered the 3/4 inch sheet cake online through Publix.

But when she requested the bakery include Jacob’s honor, she was alerted that profane or special characters weren’t allowed. Cara clarified her request with special instructions.

“The website had censored me and this is a website that you can refer to for the Latin term for Summa Cum Laude which means highest honors,” she said.

Cara said when her husband picked up the cake from Publix on Savannah Highway and Main Road, he didn’t know the bakery omitted the middle Latin word. It was replaced with hyphens.

“The cake experience was kind of frustrating and humiliating because I had to explain to my friends and family like what that meant. And they were giggling uncontrollably. At least my friends were,” said Jacob Koscinski.

The Koscinskis said a manager from Publix apologized and offered a refund. For now, they’re nibbling on the leftover dessert, and looking forward to Jacob’s freshman year at Wingate University.

“It’s fine for us to be compensated for the cake. We’re just happy that our son graduated school and has a bright future,” said Cara Koscinski.

Jacob’s grade point average is an impressive 4.89. He plans to major in pre-med.

ABC News 4 reached out to Publix to find out why the website confuses this honor with a profanity. But corporate officials didn’t respond to our question.

Redmond Teen And His Cat Hijack Golf Cart: Police

He was also wearing black face paint and a life vest, according to police.

By Neal McNamara

REDMOND, WA – One local teen and his cat had quite a bizarre adventure recently. Too bad it happened to involve the theft of a city-owned golf cart.

The incident happened last week just before 8 a.m., according to Redmond police. The teen was seen driving the golf cart in the downtown area, eventually heading up into the park-and-ride garage along Northeast 83rd Street.

The teen might have gotten away with it if he hadn’t been so conspicuous. According to police, he was wearing a life vest and had his face painted black. His cat was riding along in the cart inside a pet carrier.

Police caught up to the teen along the 7000 block of 148th Ave. Northeast. Rather than arrest him, however, the teen was turned over to his mother.