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Most every father is proud to see his son follow in his footsteps. Then there’s Florida’s Carlton Nebergall Jr. and his son Jason. Both men served in the U.S. military and spent years as patrolmen with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department. Unfortunately, Jason has also followed his father to jail. Carlton Nebergall Jr. was charged with first-degree murder earlier this year and his son followed his dad to the Palm Beach County jail after being convicted on charges of attempted rape.


Katy, Texas’ Sara Elizabeth Russell recently mailed a card to double murderer Jason Aaron Burkett, who’s being held in a North Texas prison. Unfortunately for them, a mailroom worker spotted an unexpected bulge in the card. That bulge turned out to be a powdery packet, which was later determined to be illegal narcotics. The card included a note with tips on how to disguise the drugs behind bars. Those tips might come in handy for Sara, who’s now behind bars following her arrest. (See mug shot here)


When a cleaning crew showed up at a Berkeley, California, home last Monday, they were informed by Eddie Lee Lankford III that he was working on the house and they could take the day off. When the cleaners called the homeowner, he was surprised to hear the news as he hadn’t hired anyone to do any work. Police arrived to find Lankford stepping out of the shower and as he was being arrested, he informed officers that he’d taken the homeowner’s Tesla on a shopping trip earlier in the day. Helping to explain Lankford’s antics, officers found methamphetamine among his belongings.


Off-duty Limerick, Ireland, police officer in Ted Riordan was forced to put in a little overtime when he spotted Gerard Mason driving in an erratic manner. By the time Officer Riordan was able to resume his day off, Mason had been busted for driving without insurance, speeding, not wearing a safety belt and, yes, DUI. This sort of thing was not unfamiliar territory for Mason as he has a total of 107 previous driving convictions.


A suspected drunk driver was arrested by police in Houston early Friday morning. The chase finally ended after about 10 miles when police put down spike strips on the Katy Freeway. Police say that no one was hurt, which was particularly amazing since the motorist was driving the wrong way on the freeway.


The California Highway Patrol’s San Jose office was getting a lot of calls on Wednesday morning regarding a man riding a bicycle on Highway 101. Despite being spotted multiple times by motorists on both the north and southbound lanes of the highway, sometimes biking against traffic, the CHP was unable to find the man. Many callers expressed concern that the cyclist wasn’t wearing a helmet, while the first thing others noticed was that he wasn’t wearing any clothing at all. (See here)


In Cardiff, Wales, 44-year-old Richard Jones was legally growing marijuana that he said was for his own use. Unfortunately for Jones, police still arrested Jones after determining the 50 marijuana plants produced more pot than one person could possibly smoke. Jones was given a suspended sentence, community service and fines. Jones might’ve gotten away with his growing operation had police not come by his house to investigate after he failed to pay his huge electric bill.



Austrian family accused of hijacking, crashing Swiss taxi


BERLIN (AP) — Swiss police say an Austrian family allegedly hijacked a taxi, crashed into a parked boat, drove through a hedge and then plunged off a 4-foot-high ledge before trying to escaping on foot.

St. Gallen police said the incident happened early Sunday in the northeastern Swiss town of Rorschach.

Police said the suspects — a married couple and their 10-year-old daughter — are accused of attacking the taxi’s 60-year-old driver before stealing his car and driving erratically to a nearby town.

Their alleged taxi ride ended when the family crashed down the side of a driveway. Police say officers detained them as they fled.

Police said the 38-year-old father “was not in a fit state to drive” and had no license. The girl and the taxi driver were injured and required medical treatment.

Man in concrete mixer truck leads Wyoming police in chase


GILLETTE, Wyo. (AP) — Wyoming police say a man twice led them in a chase — once in a pickup truck and then in a concrete mixer truck.

Gillette Police Lt. Brent Wasson says the incident began about 11:15 p.m. Wednesday when police tried to stop a pickup truck on the Interstate 90 on-ramp.

The Gillette News Record reports the driver fled, reaching speeds up to 100 mph (161 kph) on I-90 and forcing police to stop chasing him.

However, the pickup later crashed into a ditch in a field, and the driver ran off into a nearby construction business, where he commandeered the concrete mixer.

Wasson says at some point the truck’s brakes locked and caught fire, disabling the truck.

Wasson says a 32-year-old man was taken into custody pending formal charges.

Man bites cab driver, hits him with bolt cutters and flees into Peanut Farm


by Kevin Kelly

A 37-year-old Anchorage man was charged with assault after he bit a cab driver late Thursday and then attacked him with bolt cutters in a gas station parking lot, police said.

The driver called police about 11:30 p.m. to report the assault, said Anchorage police spokesman MJ Thim. The incident happened at the Chevron on the 5200 block of Old Seward Highway.

The driver said he had been bitten in the arm and struck in the face with bolt cutters, Thim said.

As officers were talking to the driver, employees from the Peanut Farm across the street called 911.

A man had just run into the restaurant with bolt cutters and was hiding in the restroom, Thim said.

“Officers put two and two together and said that’s our guy,” Thim said.

A team of officers and police dogs went over, he said. Employees pointed the officers in the direction of the restroom.

Then a man ran out of the restroom and through the restaurant, ignoring officers’ calls to stop, Thim said.

He ran into the restaurant kitchen, crashed into a wall and fell down, Thim said.

At that point officers handcuffed the man, identified as Justin Saunders. Police took Saunders to the hospital to check for head injuries from striking the wall, Thim said.

Saunders was belligerent toward police and hospital staff, at one point spitting in an officer’s face, Thim said.

Thim said Saunders was treated for minor injuries and taken to jail.

Thim didn’t immediately have information about what sparked the confrontation in the cab. But Saunders faces several assault charges, Thim said.

Man arrested for letting blow-up doll drift into flight path


Zoe Drewett

A 19-year-old was arrested after the blow-up doll he had allegedly tied helium balloons to interrupted flight paths above Canada.

The man could face charges for the incident at Vancouver Harbour as police revealed it was an apparent stunt that he was filming.

West Vancouver police said two men were filming a video when the sex toy drifted into the sky at Ambleside Beach on July 3.

It was described as ‘an adult-sized and shaped inflatable’ with 10 large helium balloons attached to it.

‘The officer believed release of the inflatables posed a hazard to aircraft entering or leaving the harbour area,’ officers said in a statement.

‘As the officer approached, one of the males released the balloons and inflatable, which then floated several hundred metres into the air.’

The apparent prank affected air travel in the area as Transport Canada and the Civil Aviation Branch had to send a warning out to pilots.

Both men were arrested and later released pending an investigation.

YouTube footage uploaded by an onlooker appears to show the moment the doll drifts into the sky surrounded by coloured balloons.

One of the accused – the 19-year-old man – was released under a promise to appear in court.

YouTube prankster BrodieTV later claimed responsibility for the incident on Twitter.

Insult to injury: Poop truck extinguishes flaming vehicle in Russia


A driver of a truck that caught fire in central Russia received “help” from an unlikely source when a vacuum-machine driver used his quick thinking – and the contents of his honeywagon – to promptly put out the blaze.

A GAZelle drop-side truck caught fire at the middle of a road in the city of Ivanovo in central Russia on Friday. The fire, which was reportedly caused by a short circuit, promptly engulfed the tented vehicle. The truck belonged to roadworks company and, given its contents, looked likely to burn to ashes before a poop truck passed by.

The crew of the waste machine came to the rescue and doused the flaming truck with its murky water, swiftly extinguishing the blaze before firefighters arrived on the scene. As footage from the scene indicates, the “saved” GAZelle remained half-burned and covered in waste. It is unclear whether the owner of the vehicle was happy with the outcome of the incident.

IC man arrested after fighting his own reflection


Fighting his own reflection in a bar window has led to an Iowa City man’s arrest.

Iowa City Police were called to Bo James on East Washington Street just before 2am Wednesday after a report of a male banging on the glass windows. 23-year-old Joshua Job Brausey of North Linn Street was found leaning against the door. He was also seen punching the glass window as officers approached him.

Brausey admitted to drinking earlier in the night, and showed multiple signs of intoxication. When asked why he was hitting the window Brausey said another male was hitting him back. Subsequent questioning determined that Brausey had been fighting with his own reflection. When asked if he was doing so because he was extremely drunk, Brausey replied in the affirmative.

Brausey was arrested and charged with Public Intoxication. He pleaded guilty and was fined $65.

Man who wanted to be in jail got his wish by vandalizing Edgecombe patrol cars


By Matthew Burns

Tarboro, N.C. — A Battleboro man has been charged with twice vandalizing vehicles parked outside the Edgecombe County Sheriff’s Office, authorities said.

Four vehicles had their windshields damaged on Sunday, and the total damage was estimated at $1,500. On Tuesday, seven sheriff’s office vehicles and four personal vehicles of detention officers sustained an estimated $6,700 in damage.

Kaesean Deandre Pitt, 26, of 6810 N.C. Highway 97 West, was arrested after the second incident and admitted to being the culprit in both, authorities said. He told deputies that he wanted to be in jail.

Pitt was charged with 15 counts of injury to personal property and was being held in the Edgecombe County jail under a $100,000 bond.

Sheriff Clee Atkinson said he reviewed security protocols after the incidents and has said security cameras outside the sheriff’s office will be upgraded and the parking area will be secured.

Naked man rides bike on California highway

By Ray Downs

July 20 (UPI) — A nude man was seen riding his bike down California’s Highway 101 this week and an Instagram user caught the scene on camera.

“It’s against California law to ride a bike without a helmet. Doesn’t he know that,” quipped Instagram user nickmofaves. “I love the SF Bay Area always interesting.”

Officer Ross Lee of the California Highway Patrol told the San Francisco Gate that they received many calls about the naked biker.

“We’ve had calls of naked males somewhere on the freeway in the past, but never a naked man on a bicycle,” he said.

According to the California Bicycle Association, it’s legal to ride a bike without a helmet if the rider is over the age of 18. But it’s illegal to ride a bike on the freeway.

The CHP doesn’t plan on pursuing a criminal case, but do advise against riding bikes on highways.

“Our main concern is not that he was naked. The main concern is that he could have been killed riding his bicycle on the freeway or caused a collision,” Lee said.

Memphis Man Steals Date’s Car, Goes on Another Date: Police


Police in Memphis say a man stole his date’s car and drove it to a date with another woman.

Police say a woman reported her car stolen after Kelton Griffin went to her house to take her on a date. WMC-TV reports that Griffin stopped at a gas station and asked the woman to get him some cigars. A police report says while she was gone, he drove off in her Volvo.

Later in the same Saturday evening, another woman contacted the victim and told her that Griffin had taken her on a date. That woman led police to a drive-in movie theater, where they found the Volvo.

Griffin was in the driver’s seat and police arrested him and charged him with theft of property.