Callers impersonate MLGW in effort to steal your money


Scammers are at it again.

Unscrupulous people are targeting your hard-earned cash, and they’re using Green Dot cards to do it.

“Green Dot is a prepaid money card that can be used to pay certain bills. Some utility companies do accept them, but anyone with the information on the back of the Green Dot card can take the information off the card,” Nancy Crawford with the Better Business Bureau of the Mid-South said.

Memphis, Light, Gas and Water officials said customers reported getting calls from people claiming to be with the utility company.

The caller ID in those cases also reportedly said the call was coming from MLGW.

However, it was a ploy to trick MLGW customers into handing over their money.

“What the scammers are doing is calling and scaring you into paying your utility bill again, because in most cases you’ve already paid it,” Crawford explained. “They want it on a Green Dot money card because they don’t even have to leave home to get those funds.”

In many cases, the scammers will threaten to disconnect your utility services if you don’t pay up.

“The callers are very convincing. Even if you know you’ve paid your electric bill, they’ll convince you that they didn’t get the funds,” Crawford said.

Several people have taken to social media sharing their experiences with the scam. One person even said the scammer called and had their full name and MLGW account number.

“Anybody is a target. They target both individuals and businesses,” Crawford said.

If you receive a call, MLGW said you should never give out any personal information. Instead, hang up the phone and call MLGW Customer Care.