Bumper Songs for Wednesday, April 4

Today’s 5:45 Theme Songs: John Lennon: Imagine; George Harrison: Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth); Youngbloods: Get Together; Cat Stevens: Peace Train; “A Shot Rings Out” Montage; Soweto Gospel Choir: Pride (In the Name of Love); John Lennon: Give Peace a Chance; The Hollies: He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

– Patti Smith: People Have the Power

– Coven: One Tin Soldier (The Legend of Billy Jack)

– They Might Be Giants: Your Racist Friend

– Tom Clay: What the World Needs Now

– John Legend: Pride (In the Name of Love)

– The Beatles: Rocky Raccoon

– The Black Eyed Peas: Where is the Love

– Huey Lewis & the News: The Power of Love

– Bill Withers: Lean on Me

– Willie Nelson: Me and You

– John Legend: In the Name of Love

– Thin Lizzy: Bad Reputation

– The Beatles: Hey Bulldog