(Bruce VanWyngarden) It Was 30 Years Ago Today …

The Memphis Flyer

It was 30 years ago this week — February 16, 1989 — that a stalwart band of dreamers snuck out in the pre-dawn darkness, setting up newspaper boxes all over Memphis and filling them with the first issue of the Memphis Flyer. Later that morning, thousands of Memphians woke up to find a new voice had come to town — one that was progressive, provocative, edgy, and much more free-wheeling than traditional local print media.

It was a year that certainly needed a new voice. The remnants of ’80s music still dominated the pop charts — Paula Abdul, Roxette, Fine Young Cannibals, Bobby Brown, Milli Vanilli (Fake Music!), Madonna, Richard Marx. The grunge years were just around the corner.

On the political stage, Ronald Reagan had just exited, stage right, making way for the transitional four-year presidency of George Herbert Walker Bush. Americans had no idea what was to come. The Clinton years were just around the corner.

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