(Memphis Flyer) Brian Banks and the Road to Redemption

In 2007, Tom Shadyac fell off his bike. “I thought everything was fine, but within a few hours, everything wasn’t fine,” he recalls. “I couldn’t see in a room full of light because the light was too sharp. I couldn’t be in a room with sounds because sounds were torturous, whether it was a clanking plate or a car going by. I quickly knew something was wrong, and it wasn’t getting any better, it was getting worse. I looked it up online, and I checked every box of post-concussion syndrome.”

Shadyac spent the next three years recovering from his injury. “I’m a pretty athletic guy. I’ve had a number of concussions before. You only get so many concussion chips, then when your chips are out, you develop traumatic brain injury (TBI). And that’s what happened. I fell off my bike, and I’d had too many concussions. It wasn’t a terrible concussion, but it just never went away. I was sensitive to light and sound, I had to sleep in a closet. I had mood swings. I couldn’t engage in any kind of social life. It took a long, long time to heal. It’s one degree a day of a thousand degrees that have to be recalibrated.”

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