Bonnie Raitt Gets Award From The National Guitar Museum

The NATIONAL GUITAR MUSEUM announced that BONNIE RAITT will receive its annual Lifetime Achievement Award.  RAITT is only the eighth recipient of the award.

“There has not been a more visible female player of the electric guitar in history,” said HP NEWQUIST, the executive director of THE NATIONAL GUITAR MUSEUM. “BONNIE’s extraordinary skill and her inherent passion for electric blues — along with her mastery of slide guitar, one of the most difficult musical styles to play well — are second to none in modern guitar.  She is both an icon and an inspiration, and we’re honored to be able to recognize hercontribution to the guitar with this award.”

“I’m so honored to be receiving this Lifetime Achievement award from the NATIONAL GUITAR MUSEUM,” said RAITT.  “It’s an instrument I fell in love with when I was nine years old and taught myself from records.  I love playing slide guitar and am so glad to be part of a tradition that is encouraging people to keep the blues alive and keep roots music vital and important.  If people like me have been inspirations for young people, especially girls, picking up the instrument, I’m very proud.  Thank you all so much for this honor.”