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Israeli school accidentally gave porn DVDs to sixth-graders

By Ben Hooper HAIFA, Israel, June 23 (UPI) — An Israeli elementary school apologized to parents after DVDs distributed to sixth grade students were found to contain pornographic videos. The school in Haifa sent a text message to parents warning them not to allow their children to watch the discs, which were supposed to depict […]

Arizona trooper crashes into wrong-way driver on purpose

FOUNTAIN HILLS, Ariz. (AP) — Arizona Department of Public Safety officials say a trooper purposefully crashed into a wrong-way driver on a highway outside of Phoenix. They say 10-year DPS veteran Pedro Rodriguez crashed into the wrong-way driver’s pickup truck about 2 p.m. Thursday on State Route 87 near the Bush Highway. DPS officials believe […]

Videographer crashes camera drone during wedding

By Ben Hooper RIO DE JANEIRO, June 23 (UPI) — A wedding photographer in Brazil immortalized his own mistake when he crashed his video drone into a tree branch during the ceremony. The video features a drone’s-eye-view of a wedding ceremony in progress in Brazil as the drone flies away from the couple for a […]

Demand for Equal Pay Leads to Firing

Kansas City’s 17-year-old Jensen Walcott was thrilled to get a job at Pizza Studio. Not only would Jensen be earning $8 an hour, she’d be working with her good friend, Jake Reed, who’s also 17. During the course of their brief employment, Jensen discovered that Jake was earning 25 cents an hour more than her […]

Easter Funday

A Tampa street performer, named Charles Easter, has become an internet star because he dances on street corners in a bikini. The 38 year-old Brooklyn native now goes by the name Charles Holla, AKA Beyonce, AKA RiRi. He tells The Tampa Tribune that on a good day he makes $1,000 in tips.


A Montreal father recently used squirrels at a park to remove his daughter’s loose tooth. She sat on a bench while her father attached floss to her tooth and a piece of granola. A squirrel quickly jumped on the bench before running off with the granola. He yanked out the young girl’s tooth. She is […]

Cops Arrest Man From Outer Space

The Montana Standard newspaper claims the Butte police recently arrested Dennis Chelini for punching another man in the face. Chellini approached the man on the street and asked for a cigarette. The victim refused and instead put one in his own mouth. Chelini hit the man in the face before cops arrived and arrested him. […]

Late Night Swim Goes Badly

An unnamed 20-year-old man decided to go swimming in Massachusetts’ Mystic Lakes. The man soon began to struggle in the water, which isn’t too terribly surprising since he was naked and under the influence of drugs. The struggle continued as four police officers, as well as firefighters, attempted to rescue him. Even after they managed […]