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Podcast for Monday, January 14th

In two parts, (and sadly the John Kilzer interview can’t contain the songs because of rights and royalties issues, so just buy the album – physically or digitally. Then stream it a lot, like just on a loop while you go out for the weekend.

Extra Dumbasses!

Liberty Township, Indiana’s 34-year-old Holly Sansone brought new meaning to the term ‘hot pursuit’ last Wednesday night. When approached by police, who suspected her of shoplifting from a nearby Kohl’s store, Holly shrugged with both hands in the air and said, “I’ve gotta go.” And go she did. Holly led police on a chase reaching […]

Man denies turning home into restaurant despite sign above door

  A man has denied running a Japanese restaurant from his home, despite neighbours’ complaints and a large illuminated sign hanging above his front door. Norwich city council said it was investigating the address on Earlham Road in Norwich, which features a large sign reading “Orlando’s” above the door, a phone number and a web […]

Speeding driver told police he wanted a kebab

(UK) A speeding driver told police officers he was in a rush to buy a kebab when he was pulled over for travelling at 123mph on a motorway. The motorist, who was stopped on the M62 in Cheshire at 01:45 GMT, said the reason he was speeding was he “wanted to get a kebab from […]

Woman riding cart drinking wine from Pringles can barred from Walmart

Wichita Falls police received a rather unique call Friday morning involving a woman drinking wine in a Walmart parking lot. Employees requested officers to ban a woman from the local Walmart store after she reportedly had been drinking wine from a Pringles can for several hours while riding on an electric cart. The incident began […]

Bumper Songs for Monday, January 14th

– Courtney Barnett: Crippling Self Doubt and a General Lack of Confidence – Pinkfong!: Baby Shark – Led Zeppelin: Communication Breakdown – Joe Walsh: Midnight Man – Stevie Ray Vaughan: Mary Had a Little Lamb – The Police: Hungry for You – Led Zeppelin: Good Times Bad Times – Z Z Top: Arrested for Driving […]

Wolf Pack (A Joe Pickett Novel) by C J Box

Wyoming game warden Joe Pickett encounters bad behavior on his own turf–only to have the FBI and the DOJ ask him to stand down–in the thrilling new novel from #1 New York Times-bestselling author C.J. Box. The good news is that Joe Pickett has his job back, after his last adventure in The Disappeared. The […]

A brie(f) history of cheese

Before empires and royalty, before pottery and writing, before metal tools and weapons – there was cheese. As early as 8000 BCE, Neolithic farmers began a legacy of cheesemaking almost as old as civilization. Today, the world produces roughly 22 billion kilograms of cheese a year, shipped and consumed around the globe. Paul Kindstedt shares […]