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Dumbasses for Wednesday, August 21st

An unnamed man was staying at a Madison, Wisconsin hotel on Thursday, when he discovered bed bugs in his room. Had he been staying at a Holiday Inn Express he’d have been smart enough to know that the best way to eliminate bed bugs would not be by burning them with a lit cigarette. Firefighters […]

Podcast for Tuesday, August 20th

In two parts Part One: Fast News, Late Night Highlights, Katy Perry – Fondler? , Migraine Help, Don’t Drink Bleach, Football Speeches and Cardio, The Pennywise Doll Freak Out, Old Time Road and Billie Eillish, Dumbasses! Part Two: Ask the Zoo Dude! A 1958 documentary clip about climate change, TV, Good News, Radio Day

Dumbasses for Tuesday, August 20th

Pittsburgh’s Brian Martin has been charged with DUI and reckless driving after he allegedly hit a bicyclist and failed to stop. However, witnesses got Martin’s license number, which police used to find him. Martin told officers he’d never left home, but that alibi was kaput when police obtained surveillance video that showed him drinking two […]

Podcast for Monday, August 19th

In two parts. Part One: The News in 60, Saluting Peter Fonda, Late Night Highlights, Eavesdropping Devices, Password Panic, Streaming Wars, Zepplin vs Spirit (again), Surprise Triplets, Money Disorders and Debt, Dumbasses! Part Two: The Long Con, Elvis Spy Show, Peter Fonda dn the Beatles, Mam June, Vultures Infest a Neighborhood, Good News, Michigan State […]