“The food orbit is [Bourdain’s] element, and chapters on today’s leading figures—from chef David Chang to critic Alan Richman—display his access, outspokenness and comedic gifts.” (Wall Street Journal )

“This is Bourdain at his best. His food-porn vignettes are guaranteed to make your mouth water.” (Miami Herald )

“The KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL author is a father now, but he hasn’t cleaned up his language, lost his zesty appetite or his critical zing.” (Time Magazine )

“Full of things everybody in the food world thinks but nobody will say…If [Bourdain’s] sharp eye and his wicked tongue have brought him acclaim, what’s kept him in the spotlight is his heart. Like Oscar Wilde, he’s a moralist in the guise of a libertine. Long may he prosper.” (Denver Post )

“Bourdain is back with more intriguing food fights, moving further from the kitchen into the eating industry. [Bourdain’s] dissections…are still as hilarious, as scatological and as spot-on as ever….his fare—and his prose—is still quite spicy.” (BookPage )

“Bourdain has insight, access and good taste, and he’s a naturally engaging writer…Bourdain is a hopeless romantic when it comes to food and the people who cook. The subtitle’s real valentines are two elegantly written profiles.” (New York Times Book Review )