Animated GIFs That Actually Explain How the World Works

via Smosh

We love stupid things like memes and Tumblr posts around here, but we also love knowing science things and being smart like. Since our super-fun science show Smosh Lab is now available for streaming on Prime Video, it seemed like a good time to look at some animated gifs that actually explain how this stupid world works. You’re welcome.

How Sesame Street’s Big Bird puppet worked

How a dog drinks water

How zippers work

How locks work

The pythagorean theorem

The solar system moving though space

How oscillating fans work

How pi works

science gif pi

How to parallel park

How the valve in a tire works

educational gif tire valve

What taking a drink looks like under X-rays

How they make ice cream cones

educational gif --

How they make ice cream sandwiches

How a sewing machine works