Air freshener causes car to explode in B&Q car park in Southend

An air freshener has caused a car to explode in a B&Q car park injuring one person.

The roof and doors were blown off the Ford Focus in Fossetts Drive, Southend, earlier as the Southend Echo reported.

Staff at the DIY store in Essex helped the casualty, who was taken to hospital with minor injuries.

“The explosion happened after a build-up of gases from an air freshener was accidentally ignited by a cigarette,” Essex Fire and Rescue Service said.

A man who was nearby, said he heard a “very loud bang” as the “doors, windscreen and roof… were blown out”.

“B&Q staff rushing to help,” he wrote on Twitter.

The explosion happened at about 12:15 BST and all three emergency services attended.

“One patient… is believed to have minor injuries,” an East of England Ambulance Service spokeswoman said.

The ambulance service was unable to confirm whether the injured person was male or female.

The car “suffered significant damage”, the fire service said, however, the “cause of the explosion has been confirmed as accidental”.