Extra Dumbasses

An unnamed 26-year-old woman in upstate New York and her 33-year-old male companion were pulled over during a routine traffic stop near Albany. The traffic stop became not-so-routine when troopers found the butt ends of marijuana cigarettes in the ashtray and a 3-year-old girl who wasn’t in a child’s car seat. Had the couple placed the toddler in her car seat, she wouldn’t have been able to reach down and pull out a bag of marijuana and a smoking pipe to show the troopers and her mom and her friend wouldn’t have been arrested and she wouldn’t have been turned over to relatives.


United Airlines says that on trans-Atlantic flights, pilots are required to take a rest break. Still, passengers on one flight from New Jersey to Glasgow were said to be shocked when one pilot followed this regulation. In this case, the pilot went into the restroom, changed into a T-shirt and then laid his uniform out on the seat next to him before taking a snooze in first class. While it seems highly unusual for a captain to remove his uniform during a flight, the airline had no further comment.


Management at one Washington, D.C., condo building found out what rat recently set off the building’s fire alarm. Security camera footage revealed that it was actually a rat scurrying up a wall that pulled the fire alarm handle on its way up and spurred an evacuation of the building. (See here)


CBS claims a Philadelphia couple recently got married by a unicorn. Jeff Gibbard and Erica Chen met on an online dating site. They said they had found each other’s ‘unicorns’. They asked their friend Mark Cook to officiate their wedding dressed as a unicorn. The wedding featured a dramatic reading from Once Upon a Time as well as a unicorn-themed wedding cake.


The SE Texas Record claims a legally blind Houston, Texas man is suing Walgreens for accidentally giving him Viagra instead of his regular prescriptions. Keenon Reed ingested the Viagra before experiencing headaches, an accelerated heart rate and extended periods of arousal. His son discovered that he took Viagra instead of Amoxicillin. Reed is suing for unspecified monetary damages