50 Words That Instantly Age You

By Sarah Crow, MSN

In the last quarterly update to the Oxford English Dictionary, more than 900 new words were added (and, thus, 900-plus ways to modernize your vocabulary). And with every new word that enters the cultural lexicon, another is bound to fall by the wayside. (Yes, that’s why you’re unlikely to hear complaints about “whippersnappers” and “courting” practices among today’s courting young whippersnappers.) So, before you bewilder your younger friends and coworkers by trotting out a barrage of woefully antiquated terms, ditch these outdated words that will instantly age you. And for some terms you should use, check out these 30 Latin Phrases So Genius You’ll Sound Like a Master Orator.

1. “Classy”

While you may hear this used by your younger friends in jest when someone’s doing something particularly unsophisticated, referring to something as “classy” in earnest only makes you sound older. Your grandmother may call wearing a string of pearls a “classy look,” but you rarely hear billionaires boasting about their “classy” 17th century villas in the south of France. And, as many a linguist will agree, there’s virtually no word that makes you sound less sophisticated like this one.

2. “Slacks” 

You may claim to put your slacks on one leg at a time, but for the vast majority of people who don’t live in the United Kingdom, those garments with two legs that fasten at the waist are called pants.

3. “Dope”

Whether you’re referring to something that’s cool or calling your friend who once admitted to smoking pot a “dope fiend,” using this word in virtually any context will immediately make you sound older than you actually are.

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