More Dumbasses!

Desmond Blackburn was pulled over by police last Friday morning when he passed a stopped school bus with its lights flashing and stop signs deployed. Blackburn had the misfortune of committing this traffic infraction as police officers were in the middle of a safety initiative. Incidentally, Blackburn is the superintendent of Brevard Public Schools and was driving his district-issued SUV when he illegally passed the stopped bus and was pulled over.


The Navy provides chaplains for the Marine Corps in order to provide a source of comfort and refuge that enables service members to practice and grow in their faith and to help them face personal and professional challenges. Unfortunately, Navy chaplain Captain Loften Thornton is now facing his own personal and professional challenges after being fired from his post. Captain Thornton got the combat boot after he was caught on surveillance video getting to know a woman in the Biblical sense at a pub in New Orleans.


Pennsylvania’s Brittany Dawn Patrick and boyfriend Lukas Roger Trout have an 18-month-old child and live in an apartment where they take care of two other children belonging to a friend. Unfortunately, the home wasn’t exactly child-proofed. After neighbors complained of suspicious men coming to their apartment at all hours, police arrested Brittany on charges of prostitution and endangering the welfare of children. In defense of Brittany, she only reduced herself to having sex for money so she could afford to pay for heroin.


Principal Courtney Alfred, of Bedford, Ohio’s Education Alternatives School has been charged with giving one 17-year-old student some alternative education. The unnamed student says Courtney had sex with him in the backseat of her van several times. However, when the kid told her husband, he didn’t seem to care. The kid then went to school officials, but they concluded the allegations weren’t credible. Perhaps one thing the kid neglected to mention was that he had a brief video of one of their encounters. When the kid showed the clip to police, they were able to match a tattoo in the video to Courtney. If that weren’t enough evidence, the racy text messages between the two got her arrested on sexual battery charges.


Valparaiso, Indiana, teenager Vega Blossom recently went to her favorite bakery to buy some cupcakes during their Easter sale. While waiting in line behind a slow customer, Vega heard the woman in back of her fat shame her by saying they hoped she wouldn’t buy all the cupcakes. While only intending to purchase six cupcakes, Vega decided to get even and spent $54 to buy all the remaining cupcakes in the bakery. Vega later wrote about it on Facebook, where her post racked up 67,000 likes and 23,000 shares. (See post here)


Kilmarnock, Scotland’s Margaret Stevenson and her husband Scott recently went to parent-teacher night at their 7-year-old daughter’s school. Unfortunately, Margaret was mortified to see a drawing posted on the wall that her daughter Lucie had done. The drawing depicted mom in bed, hung over, with a sick bucket below. Lucie captioned her drawing: “On Sunday my mummy got sick. She had horrible juices to drink and she needs to rest.” Margaret says Lucie’s drawing was inspired by a girls’ night out in which she had a little too much fun and noted that her teacher wrote a comment on the drawing reading, “Oh I hope she feels better soon!’ (See here)