11,000 UPS Freight drivers could be on strike by Monday

By Rachel Premack, MSN

UPS Freight is clearing all of its shipments this week to ensure its network is completely empty by Friday. That’s because its 11,000 drivers, who are represented by the Teamsters Union, could be on strike by Monday.

 “The company has now begun discussions with UPS Freight customers to inform them of the potential for service disruption and the need to arrange alternative carriers,” UPS said in a statement emailed to Business Insider.

UPS Freight and the Teamsters Freight National Bargaining Committee have reached a standstill on contract negotiations. Every five years, the two parties negotiate on a labor contract to apply to UPS Freight’s drivers.

Starting on November 7, Teamsters members across the country are voting on UPS’ “last, best, and final offer” contract, a Teamsters spokesperson told Business Insider. The votes will be tallied on Sunday.

If a majority does not approve of the contract, UPS Freight drivers won’t work on Monday. It would be the first UPS strike since 1997, when 185,000 employees held a 16-day walkout.

The drivers’ negotiating committee is demanding restrictions on subcontracting, higher wage increases, better pay for drivers who perform dock work, an elimination of certain requirements for pension and vacation benefits, and other protections, according to a statement that Teamsters sent Business Insider.

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